Eagerly awaiting a change of scenery? Looking forward to escaping the monotony of home quarantine? We hear you! Club Mahindra is all set to welcome you back into its magical Kingdom, now shielded by the warriors of safety. Thermal screening, check. Sanitisation, check. PPE kits, check. Contactless procedures, check. In-class technology, check. 

We have partnered with Bureau Veritas, a global leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification, to create a safe haven for families who wish to take those first steps towards holidaying. With us, travel is made possible once more. So, get ready to have an authentic, exciting and stress-free experience.

To help get you started, here is our comprehensive 10-step travel planning check-list. Make sure you follow these guidelines, as it will prepare you mentally and physically for the vacation ahead.

Be Aware of Travel Restrictions

We have taken every possible measure to ensure resort safety, aligning our practices as per government regulations. However, we’d still recommend that families read up on travel restrictions posed by the state and central government before commencing their journey to a Club Mahindra resort. Being as informed as possible goes a long way in enabling a smooth and stress-free trip.

Consult Your Family Doctor

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen immunisation rates falling drastically, especially in young children. As such, it is imperative for families to consult with their local physician before even considering traveling. It would be advisable to go in for a regular health check-up and also be cautioned on the specific safety precautions to take. While you might be safe from the Corona virus, it doesn’t mean you’re immune to other ailments such as malaria or the common flu.

Review the Risk Status

It should be noted that elderly people and people with underlying health conditions should limit their travelling. When consulting your physician, make sure to enquire about individual risk status as well as the best course of action for family members who are suffering from certain ailments such as asthma or heart disease. Note, a safe status on the Arogya Setu app is a prerequisite for anyone entering the resort.

Pick Your Mode of Transportation

Although air travel has resumed in India, it would be in your family’s best interest to drive down to one of our properties. It’s a safer option, and a lot of fun too. If you’re from Mumbai, you may embark on a road-trip to Hatgad. Families from Bangalore may travel to Coorg, while those from Delhi may journey to Mussoorie. During your stay, you may contact the Travel Desk on +91 9845180726 to avail of transport facilities on a chargeable basis.

Mask Pack a Pandemic Essentials Kit

Carry the Necessary Documentation

You must carry government ID (except PAN card) for all occupants, along with the booking confirmation vouchers. For kids below 12 years of age, school ID is also valid. If the direct dependent of the member is travelling, relation proof is needed. Additionally, foreign nationals should carry a valid passport and visa.

Pack a Pandemic Essentials Kit

Yes, we follow the highest degree of hotel safety, and have stock of personal protective equipment. With that being said, families should always carry their own pandemic essentials kit with them. This should include masks, protective covers, gloves, hand sanitisers, visors, disinfectant wipes, disinfectant spray, and a small medical kit.

Prepare Your Kids Family

Prepare Your Kids

When you’re travelling with small children, especially during this unprecedented time, it’s important that they are aware of the situation and best prepared to deal with it. Which means, explaining to them the concept of physical distancing, hand washing, and wearing a mask. Lead by example, and gently nudge them in the right direction. They will respond to guidance. Don’t panic if they make a mistake, but always be ready with a contingency plan.

Opt for Outdoor Activities

As Club Mahindra members, you will have access to a wide variety of exciting and adventurous outdoor activities. Explore nature, rather than sight-seeing at museums, temples or art galleries (most of which will be closed). The former is a much safer option as you can maintain a safe distance from others. It goes without saying, don’t even contemplate visiting Covid-19 hotspots.

Adhere to Hygiene Standards

We have adopted the latest technology and partnered with the best, to ensure you have access to the most reliable health standards and safety protocols. So, make use of the facilities and layouts designed to reflect hotel safety. For detailed information, you can go through Resort Safety Guidelines which contain do’s, don’ts and FAQs. Refer to Club Mahindra reviews on resort safety to know about what existing members have to say.

Make Use of Emergency Contacts

During your stay, make sure to monitor and keep track of your health as well as that of your family’s. In case you are suffering from any of the Covid-19 symptoms, you may turn to our contact details list which contains all the important numbers you will need - Covid-19 Helpline, local hospitals and testing centres.

As you can see, Club Mahindra is your travel advisor, mentor, protector and friend all rolled into one. You can pre-book the kind of holiday you so desire, and leave the planning and execution to us. We have pre-empted all your anxieties, and converted them into solutions, with the latest technology. So, your experience is contactless, yet curated with the utmost care!

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