You’re done with Goa, Puducherry and Kovalam. Now picture yourself, with sunnies, on the hammock as you plop below on the fine-grained white sand. Or snorkelling midst shoals of kicky coloured fish. Or scuba diving deep into the virginal blue. Circle in the best resorts in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and take off for a vacation cheered by sun, sand and surf. Bring the following touchpoints into your plan of visiting one of the best travel destinations in October.

Pick Port Blair

Taste the salty tang, skip into the clear waters and spend endless hours staring into the horizon at the beach. Corbyn’s Cove is a mini sandy strip here, simply stunning, clean and kissed by the sun. Make time for a stroll along Marina Park – it reminds you of the treasured walk along the Queen’s Necklace in Mumbai, except there is no fishy smell, concrete masses and hobnobbing crowds. You get the idea!  Birdwatchers of the world unite: Target reaching the vantage Chidiya Tapu point by 5: 30 pm to click unbeatable pictures of your feathered friends. Rare, exotic winged creatures flutter around galore. Seafood lovers make the most of the fresh catch at the Sinclairs Bayview Restaurant or feign toasting on the deck of a ship at another eatery -'The Terrace'.

Symphony Samudra, Port Blair Resort

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Get on Jolly Buoy

Fine, you are happy. Now turn jolly on Jolly Buoy Island, about 19 km from Port Blair. You must spend the entire day here, trekking and soaking up the sun, and then head back to Port Blair as overnight stay isn’t permitted at JB. With reason enough as there are no inhabitants on this highly protected location. Hence, a guided tour is possible, but no scuba diving is allowed. Though you can surge across the waves in a glass bottomed boat, much like in Lakshadweep and the Great Barrier Reef, and delight in the natural show - It is a fascinating world of brilliant coloured fish, stingrays, turtles…rejoice and revel.

Pick Port Blair Get on Jolly Buoy

Hop to Havelock Island

There are cool resorts here, neat diving locations, and the hum that runs through the entire island is simply unbeatable. The best bet for the conscious traveller looking at penning a stunning visual travel journal, Havelock island is known for its gorgeous beaches, and the chilled-out vibe at its resorts. Children love this leg of the Andaman stay as you have easy access to Elephant beach – laced with stunning coral reefs. The colours of the setting sun pour themselves into the blue skies when seen from the sunset point at Radhanagar Beach. There are excited squeals when you spot the glorious white-headed mynas and woodpeckers. The Kalapathar beach is covered with black rocks. Remember to go kayaking to experience the magic of the night sky and bioluminescence. An unbelievable experience in the middle of the night, on the water.

Symphony Palms, Havelock Island Resort

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Root for Ross Island

Move across three kilometres from Port Blair, and find yourself in Ross Island. It was once home to the Administrative Headquarters of Andamans, until 1941 when an earthquake shuddered through the ribs of the island, leaving it in absolute ruins. Then the Japanese swum in and girdled the island till 1945. They left post the second world war. Again, no overnight stay here. Visit and stroll around, click pictures during your excursion and head back to PB. Word of caution: Ross makes you walk aplenty, so make sure you slip on comfortable footwear. If you’re lucky, you will run into docile deer and preening peacocks as you span the length and breadth of the location.

Hop to Havelock Island Root for Ross Island

Neil Island

The water here is an unbelievable blue that leaves you breathless. Soak in the lapping azure as you trot along Laxmanpur Beach. The breathless configuration of corals, sea cucumbers and star fish spin a magical web. The natural stone formation at Neil Island is called the Howrah Bridge of Andaman. A rather endearing feature, and perfect for Insta worthy pictures. This small area is also called the vegetable bowl of the Andaman Islands because of the dot of farming that happens around it. Quaint spots for serendipitous discoveries

Symphony Summer Sands, Neil Island

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Twinning: Ross and Smith Islands

Last on your list arrives this dynamic dup. This tiny island duet is a class apart, strung naturally together by a slim golden sand bar strip of a golden sand bar that is visible only during low tide. When the sand bar is visible, get ready to jump up and go barefoot from one island to another with the waves licking your toes greedily.  An experience of a lifetime fulfilled on Indian terrain!

Neil Island Twinning: Ross and Smith Islands

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a perfect destination for a beach holiday with family. Club Mahindra has three affiliate properties in the islands that add to your holiday experience. So, don’t wait now and book your holiday!

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