Summer isn’t only for couples who like quaint meadows. You can also be a pair of adrenaline junkies swinging along zip lines or whizzing through a sandstorm on a safari! No matter what your travel love language is, with a Club Mahindra Go Zest Membership, you will never go wrong!

Once you have picked the summer experience you would want to have with the love of your life, we suggest keeping a few summer travel tips handy. Here are five summer travel tips that will go a long way in ensuring that you have a fantastic summer holiday this year:

Five Summer Travel Tips for a Breezy Holiday in the Sun


Tip 1: Don’t wait till you are too thirsty to worry about water

If you think that staying hydrated is one of the lamest summer travel tips, you may be in for a rookie mistake. Though it sounds obvious, most people end up dehydrated in a corner of the world where they can find no water. To avoid this, make sure you carry a bottle with you at all times.

Pro-tip: Avoid buying plastic bottles that take years to decompose, and instead bring with you a reusable water bottle that you and your partner can refill every now and then. This way, you will be saving the planet and will be saving your money too.


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Tip 2: Know that your perfect summer travel companion, apart from your lover, is sunscreen!

Travelling in summer has its own delights and its own perils. One such hazard is the direct exposure to sun. To protect yourself and the love of your life from the sun’s torturous glare, we suggest you carry a sun block with you for the trip.

Most summer travel tips talk about applying sunscreen before heading out for the day’s activities, but we think you should also reapply every now and then throughout the day. To keep UV rays away, dermatologists suggest getting one with SPF (sun-protection-factor) of at least 30.

Tip 3: ‘Whites and no tights’, the ultimate summer travel rule

When travelling with your companion for life, you will want to be dressed in your best. We love that, but we would definitely suggest making sure that what you wear suits the weather. You don’t want to end up being your grumpiest self on a trip that was meant to be relaxing!

Clothing that breathes is what you should aim for while packing. Flowing, cotton clothes with loose long sleeves to protect you from the sun would be our ideal pick. Also, make sure your dresses are light-coloured so as to not absorb the sun rays.

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Tip 4: Always make room for a snack in your travel pack

Summer travel means spending long hours in the heat whether you are hiking, boating or just stopping by the attractions.

At some point or the other, it is very likely that you will feel grubby. Packing a light snack for yourself and your partner is one of the best summer travel tips up our sleeves.

We would suggest that you carry something healthy and preferably dry. Gravy, though piquant and tasty, is difficult to eat on the go, and it may spill and stain your clothes. Avoid all of these undesirable situations by carrying wraps, fruits, nuts, etc.

Pro-tip: Bars of chocolate can give you an instant energy boost and it’s also really romantic sharing chocolate with your beau.

Tip 5: The pandemic isn’t over yet, let’s not behave like it is!

More than being one of the summer travel tips, this one is a general tip that we must keep in mind while travelling in today’s COVID situation. It is heartening that we are travelling again despite the pandemic, but we must not be careless.

Be sure not to abandon any preventive measures while travelling this summer with your loved ones. Always wear a mask when out, maintain physical distancing, carry a sanitizer with you, choose the right resorts to stay at, and report immediately in case you notice symptoms in you or your partner.

Travelling during summers can be excruciating. But with Club Mahindra Go Zest and these summer travel tips, you are in for a delightful holiday with your favourite person in the whole world.   

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