The long, sweltering summer days are here. And what could be better than a holiday with water games and activities? Here are some fun summer activities that both children and adults will love. Just remember the sunscreen! 

Throw a fun backyard water party.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of staying home and yet having fun during summer vacations is a pool party! You don’t have a pool in your backyard? No problem. Get an inflatable pool (you can buy them online) and games like a water balloon pinata or a dunk bucket game. Ensure you have many summer drinks and beverages for your summer house party!

Frozen footsies

As challenging as it may sound, this game is quite fun to play. A few arrangements must be made for the set-up. Fill a kiddie pool with water, give all the participants a large bowl, and ask them to stand in the water-filled pool. Next, fill the pool with ice cubes. The player who fills their bowl with the most ice cubes using their feet wins the game. This activity is quite an adventure in summer and is extremely fun to play with friends or family.

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Bullseye splash

For this game, you must have access to a driveway or cemented ground in front of your house or backyard. Draw a big 'bull's eye' in the centre, surrounded by smaller rings. Each ring will be assigned different points; the highest number of points is given to the bull's eye. Participants will be provided either wet sponges or water balloons and three chances to aim and throw. The player with the highest number of hits in the circle with the highest point (i.e., the bull's eye) wins the match. However, in this game, the winner is the new target, and all the other participants will throw water balloons at him/her or dunk the person in a pool. Bullseye Splash is one of the most fun summer holiday activities.

Dribble, dribble, drench.

This entertaining water game is the best way to spend summer afternoons with friends. The larger the group, the more fun this game becomes. It is the water version of 'duck, duck, goose'.

All the players are made to sit in a circle, and one player is chosen. They keep moving around the circle of players with a water balloon, trying to find a perfect catch replacement. The player then dribbles his water balloon on one of the seated players and runs around the circle, with the latter chasing him. If the first player reaches the other's sitting place without being caught, the latter player will be the new 'goose’ and continues the game. If the first player is caught by the second while running, the first player remains the goose and repeats the game.


The traditional slip-n-slide involves a long, slippery mat in the open garden. The carpet is made slippery with continuous water running down it. However, after some time, this game can turn boring. An easy and fun way to level up the fun factor of this game is by laying water balloons in the path of the mat, so when one glides through it, the balloons start bursting.

Water Gun Fight

A popular game and one of the fun things to do in the summer, this one will keep the kids and adults busy for a long time. Arm yourself with water guns and chase each other around, squirting each other with water. You can set boundaries or create teams to make the game exciting.

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Water Volleyball

You will need a volleyball net that you will set up in a pool. You'll need at least two teams of players to play. Each team should have 2-6 players. The two teams continue to rally the ball back and forth over the net, using any combination of hits, bumps, and volleys. The game aims to score points by making the ball land in the other team's court or forcing the other team to make an error. Each time a team scores a point, they earn the right to serve the ball for the next rally. Remember to have fun and enjoy the game, even if you're not an experienced volleyball player. Water volleyball is a great way to stay active and cool off during summer.

Do try out the above-mentioned things to do during summer to make the most of these months. You can also enjoy your summer holidays at Club Mahindra's resorts, including Club Mahindra White Meadows and Snow Peaks at ManaliSummit by the Ganges in RishikeshClub Mahindra Baiguney in SikkimClub Mahindra Assonora in Goa, or Club Mahindra Netrang in Gujarat. With easy access to swimming pools, spas, lounges, and much to do, your family vacation at these beautiful resorts will be memorable. Warm hospitality, delicious local and international cuisine at the resorts’ in-house restaurants, and various indoor and outdoor activities – your summer holidays with Club Mahindra will give you a perfect break from your monotonous routine.

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