Taking a holiday with your partner for the first time is a milestone in any relationship. It gives both of you a chance to bond as you set out to discover new places – and, in the process, discover more about each other!

However, to ensure that your holiday lives up to expectations, you must stay at a reliable resort. With India’s favourite resort chain, Club Mahindra Resorts, you can rest assured that you will be taken care of all the way. As Club Mahindra offers resorts at multiple locations, you can choose your destination based on what you like to do.

For instance, lovers of art, history, and heritage could stay at Club Mahindra Udaipur, which allows them to experience the colourful culture of Rajasthan, while beach buffs could head to Club Mahindra Puducherry or to Green Leaf Resort & Spa (associate resort of Club Mahindra) in Ganpatipule, Maharashtra.

Here’s a list of ten things you can expect to happen when you and your significant other holiday together for the first time:

1. You’ll create memories

This is the best thing that will happen when you holiday together as a couple for the first time. Your maiden holiday together will be exciting and memorable, no matter what the destination is, simply because you will be together.

2. You’ll learn new things about each other

When you and your partner go on a holiday together, you will naturally spend a lot more time together. You will also do things together, and we don’t mean binge-watching Netflix. This is a time to learn new things about your partner. Do they plan everything to the last detail or go with the flow? Do they love exploring nature or hanging out in museums? Do they prefer roti-sabzi or pasta and pizza? But worry not; if you are holidaying at Club Mahindra, there’s something for everyone!

3. You’ll discover the pleasure of comfortable silence

If you are in a serious relationship and foresee a future with your partner, there are going to be times when you will be together but prefer to have your own space. It is at these times that you will realise whether the silence you share is comfortable or awkward. The ability to share a convivial silence without feeling pressured to indulge in random small talk is an integral part of any successful relationship.

4. You’ll try things outside your comfort zone

You will both learn to adjust and do things for the sake of each other’s happiness. You might be keen to explore a forest trail or climb a hill to view the sunrise, but your partner might be happier to curl up with a book. Eventually, you will figure out ways to adjust. Club Mahindra Naukuchiatal, for instance, offers activities for both the peaceful nature lover and the adrenaline junkie. There’s scope for leisurely nature walks, as well as trekking and water sports, so both of you can enjoy your time there.

5. You’ll get to know the person your partner truly is

While on holiday, you and your partner will be in a new environment, among strangers. This is an ideal scenario to get to know your partner better. You will learn their spending habits, how they prioritise tasks, and even their general behaviour and temperament. You will find out if they treat people who serve you with the same respect they treat their friends, and this is a very important indicator of the person they are.

6. You’ll learn how you to handle a crisis together

Delays, last-minute changes, and other setbacks can be part of every travel experience. You will learn whether your significant other can remain calm in times of crisis or whether they panic and lose their cool at the smallest inconvenience. Handling problems together will bring you and your partner closer to each other.

7. You’ll begin to trust each other more

Once you have spent considerable time together – and been together through thick and thin – in a new place, you and your partner will realise that you are now able to trust each other more in everyday life. There’s nothing better to cement a relationship.

8. You’ll strengthen your relationship

When you travel with your significant other for the first time and handle challenges together, it positively impacts on your future life. Your relationship will feel stronger as you have the reassurance that challenges can always be overcome together.

9. You’ll always be entertained

Even something as simple as waiting for a train can be fun if your partner is there to keep you entertained. You will be pointing out new things to each other, cracking jokes, sharing stories – in short, it is difficult to feel bored if you have the right company.

10. You’ll plan your next holiday on the way home!

Your first holiday as a couple is likely to be so enjoyable that you will wish it never ends. But as that’s wishful thinking, you will probably be doing the next best thing – planning your next holiday together!

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