Rajasthan houses some of the best bird sanctuaries in the country. If you are planning a vacation to the jungles to see the wildlife, then you are in for a real treat in Rajasthan. The state, which is known for its rich history, beautiful culture and stunning architecture, also has a green side to it in the form of bird parks and sanctuaries.  

These sanctuaries are home to some of the rare and exotic bird species and the natural surroundings never fail to charm. So, let us look at the five best bird sanctuaries in Rajasthan that are worth visiting. 

Here are the top bird sanctuaries of Rajasthan


  • Desert National Sanctuary, Jaisalmer
  • Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Khichan Bird Sanctuary
  • Ranthambore National Park
  • Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
  • Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Sariska National Park



Desert National Sanctuary, Jaisalmer 

Desert National Sanctuary, Jaisalmer

Situated close to Jaisalmer, the Desert National Sanctuary is spread over a 3162 sq.km area and is one of the largest national parks in India. Despite its desert landscape, this wildlife bird sanctuary boasts of a diverse avifauna; it is a paradise for bird watchers and photographers. Some of the most common bird species you can find here are laggard falcons, spotted eagles, buzzards, kestrels, sand grouse, great Indian bustard, and more.  

You will also find a collection of animal and plant fossils which are more than 100 million years old. The best time to visit this national park is between October and March. 

You can visit this beautiful sanctuary and explore other attractions of the Golden City by booking your stay at the resorts in Jaisalmer by Club Mahindra. It is a place that has a rich history with modern amenities that provides a retreat for the mind, body and soul.  

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary 

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Nestled in the stunning Aravalli mountain ranges, the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most popular tourist places in Rajasthan. The sanctuary, which is located at about 1722 metres above sea level, is home to many trees, plants, animals and birds. You can also find many exotic and rare orchid species here.  

If you love bird watching, this place is a paradise for you. Here you can watch more than 250 bird species. Some of the most commonly spotted species are grey jungle fowl, spotted eagles, and vultures. Apart from birds, you can also spot a variety of wild animals such as pangolin, wild boar, hyenas, hedgehogs, mongoose, porcupines, and if you are lucky, you can even spot the royal Bengal tigers and leopards.  

Apart from this sanctuary, Mount Abu boasts many other attractions. You can explore all these locations at your own pace by booking your stay at the Hotel Aravali, one of the best resorts in Mount Abu hosted by Club Mahindra. This property is every tourist’s delight as it offers a premium living experience and literally spoils them with Rajasthani-style hospitality.

Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary 

Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary

Bikaner is one of the most popular cities in Rajasthan known for its colourful culture. But, the city is also home to unique flora and fauna, which you can find at Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary was once a private hunting grounds for the Maharajas of Bikaner. Today, it attracts many nature lovers and those who like to explore the wildlife in the desert. Some of the birds and animals that you can spot here are antelope, nilgai, desert fox, wildfowl, golden oriole, bulbuls, doves, kingfisher and more.

Khichan Bird Sanctuary 

Khichan Bird Sanctuary

Located about 170 kms from Jaisalmer in a small hamlet known as Khichan, this is one of the few exclusive bird sanctuaries in Rajasthan. This sanctuary is home to many local and migratory birds. Every year, between October and March, many migratory birds from Poland, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, North and South Africa come here in large numbers to escape the cold weather in Europe. The Khichan Bird Sanctuary is also popularly known as Demoiselle Crane village.

Ranthambore National Park 

Ranthambore National Park

One of the most popular wildlife sanctuaries in India, the Ranthambore National is a popular tourist destination in Rajasthan. Nature lovers and wildlife lovers from all over the world come to Ranthambore to see its exotic flora and fauna. The major attraction at the park is the Jeep Safari, which takes you to the heart of the jungle and along the way, you can spot many wild animals, including the Royal Bengal Tigers and leopards.  

The sanctuary is located about 10 km from Sawai Madhopur and is divided into 10 different zones, each of which is home to many tigers. During your safari, you can also see a wide variety of plants and trees as well as historical structures such as Raj Bagh ruins.  

Apart from the wild animals, you can also spot a variety of birds at Ranthambore National Park, including partridge, golden-backed woodpecker, peafowl, golden oriole, bulbul, peacocks, and more.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Nestled in the culturally rich land of Rajasthan, the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary stands as a UNESCO World Heritage site, an avian haven embracing over 350 species of birds. This sanctuary, adorned by the rhythmic fluttering of wings, unveils a mesmerizing spectacle during the winter months when migratory birds grace its landscapes, journeying from distant realms such as Mongolia, Siberia, and China. Among the distinguished avian guests are the graceful tern buntings, melodic larks, majestic Siberian cranes, elegant spot-billed pelicans, and regal herons.

Operating from 6 AM to 5 PM, the sanctuary is situated at a distance of 172 km from the nearest airport.  And just 5 km away from the nearest Bharatpur railway station.

Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Nestled within the embrace of the historic Kumbhalgarh forest, the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary unfolds a tapestry of terrestrial beauty. Enchanting in its diversity, the sanctuary is a haven for nature enthusiasts, boasting over 200 avian residents, including the charismatic grey jungle fowl, vibrant parakeets, resplendent peacocks, melodious bulbuls, and the stately, white-breasted kingfishers.

Beyond the allure of birdwatching, the sanctuary invites adventurers to embark on a majestic 15 km-long safari, meandering from Kumbhalgarh to the Thandi Beri Jeep Safari facility. This journey promises an immersive encounter with the sanctuary's captivating landscapes.

The entry fee is ₹10 for Indian visitors and ₹80 for foreigners. Accessible by road, the sanctuary is situated 3 km from the illustrious Kumbhalgarh Fort and 98 km from the city of Udaipur. Opting for a road journey, perhaps in the comfort of a hired cab, is the ideal route to this sanctuary.

So, there you have a list of the best bird sanctuaries in Rajasthan. Take your pick and head off to a fun vacation in the wild.

Sarsika National Park

Renowned not only for its avian wonders but also as a haven for the majestic Royal Bengal Tigers, Sariska National Park stands as a gem among bird sanctuaries in Rajasthan. Within its verdant expanse, bird enthusiasts can marvel at the crested serpent eagle, golden-backed woodpecker, Great Indian Horned Owl, bush quail, and sand grouse.

This sprawling sanctuary, draped in lush greenery, offers more than a visual feast of avian life. It unveils an opportunity to encounter various animal species, including jungle cats, golden jackals, and nilgars

Encompassing an expansive 866 square kilometers, Sariska National Park invites tourist from October to June, providing a window into its vibrant biodiversity. A visit here typically requires 2 to 3 hours.

This park operates between 10 AM and 5 PM. This park is situated 40 km away from the nearest airport, which makes it accessible to all travellers. 

The entry fee stands at ₹100 for Indian visitors and ₹300 for those from foreign lands. For those making their way from Jaisalmer, a road journey covering 40 km in a cab or other vehicles offers the most straightforward route to this sanctuary of wildlife and avian marvels.

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