Be it for personal use, or gifting purposes, buying souvenirs is an integral part of travelling, isn’t it? The souvenirs you pick up serve as a beautiful reminder of the experiences you had; it can bring back fond memories of the place you visited, which you can share with your family.  

If you are travelling to India, you have endless choices. With its diverse culture, topography, almost every state and city has more than one item that is unique and exquisite to the place. Be it a piece of art, tea leaves, spices, jewellery items, textile, there are many Indian souvenirs that you can buy.  

We have put together a list of items that you must definitely buy from India.

Spices and Ayurvedic Oils from Kerala 

Spices and Ayurvedic Oils from Kerala

When you travel to India, you must visit Kerala – God’s Own Country. It is one of the best places to unwind, and relax amidst nature. Apart from its stunning natural landscape, Kerala is also known for its ayurvedic massages and body treatment centres. Deeply rooted in the ancient healing science of Ayurveda, Kerala could have a cure for all your body and health problems. The oils that you get here are miraculous to say the least, and they have known to work wonders for many.  

Also, Kerala is a massive treasure chest of spices. One of the largest producers of spices in the world, Kerala has many spice markets all over the state, including Munnar, Cochin, Alleppey, and more. Fresh and aromatic, these spices are the secret behind the delicious Indian dishes. These are the best souvenirs from India that you must take back.  

Sandalwood Products from Mysore 

Sandalwood Products from Mysore

A quaint town in Karnataka, Mysore, is famous for two things – the majestic Mysore Palace and Sandalwood. This south Indian town has been producing the finest quality sandalwood products since pre-independence days, especially soaps. Millions of people in India use the Mysore Sandal soap, and till date there has been no equal to the quality of sandal wood products that comes from this town.  

Other popular sandalwood products that you can find here are sandalwood oil, and cosmetics. The smell of the products are one-of-a-kind, the sweet scent works like a therapy and works wonders in soothing your mind. So, when you are in India, you can buy these products and indulge in some aromatherapy at home.

Sarees from Varanasi, Kolkata and Chennai 

Sarees from Varanasi

Saree is the pride of every Indian woman. It is perhaps the most popular clothing that has become synonymous to India. There are different varieties of this humble, yet great Indian attire. Each region has its own indigenous version that is made of different material, and has a unique and traditional design, pattern and embroidery works. However, some of the best places and varieties of saree that you must buy are the Banarasi silk saree from Benaras, Kanjivaram saree from Chennai, and Tant saree from Bengal.  

Each of these varieties have a different texture, pattern, and fabric. More importantly, even today, many skilled craftsmen weave sarees by hand, and the quality is no match to the power loom sarees. Pick a few sarees in different colours, and give your wardrobe the much-needed makeover.  

Pashmina Shawl from Kashmir 

Pashmina Shawl from Kashmir

Just like the natural beauty of Kashmir, the Pashmina wool that comes from this beautiful place, is exquisite. Pashmina comes from Pashmina goats that produce Pashm wool. It is known for its softness. Also, it is light and fine.  

Made only in the Pashmina region of Kashmir, the textile items made from this wool are referred to as ‘soft gold.’ These shawls are extremely light weight but they can protect you in cool weather. Also, these shawls have exquisite designs, patterns that are handwoven by the most skilled workers in the country, who inherit the art generation after generation. 

Miniature Paintings from Rajasthan 

Miniature Paintings from Rajasthan

A trip to India would be incomplete without visiting Rajasthan. The magnificent forts, pristine lakes, and colourful culture are worth seeing and exploring. When it comes to buying souvenirs from here, there are many things that you can pick from here, like India souvenir magnets, leather footwears, handicrafts, etc. But, one thing that you must not miss are the miniature paintings.  

As beautiful as they look, they have a rich history. One of the oldest and intricate art forms of the region, it owes its origin during the Mughal era. The tradition of creating vivid miniature paintings on postcards, letters, and canvas is still alive. 

You can easily find these paintings in many popular cities like Jaipur, and Udaipur. The unique thing about this painting is that many artists till date use the centuries-old techniques and natural pigments. The paintings have different themes, which depicts the historic battles that were fought in Rajasthan, the festivals, and grand processions that were once common during the Rajput era. Each one is special, unique and worth taking home.

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