Snow-clad mountains, lush meadows, colourful valleys, and crystal blue lakes, Sikkim is undoubtedly a little piece of heaven on earth. Whether you’re looking for terrains to get that adrenaline going or just a relaxing vacation to soak in the beauty of nature at its finest, Sikkim in Northeast India is the place to be. This gem of a state houses magnificent lakes that offer such picturesque views that will simply take your breath away. 

So if you’re planning a trip to Sikkim this summer, visit these lakes of Sikkim and bless your eyes with some of the most magnificent views you will ever see.

Tsomgo Lake

This famous lake in Sikkim is tucked between majestic glaciers and lofty mountains covered with silver firs. The locals call it ‘Changu Lake’ which translates to ‘source of lakes’. With changing seasons, the lake changes colours too. During winters, the lake and the surrounding areas are white and blue, but during the summers, flowers like rhododendrons, irises, yellow poppies, and more bloom around the lake and make it a colourful affair. The lake attracts many exotic bird species like the Brahminy ducks.

Since this is a famous lake in Sikkim, there’s a lot to do nearby. There are various food and drink kiosks to have a snack while enjoying the magnificent view. There is also a Shiva temple that you can visit on the banks of the lake. There are decorated yak and mule rides to keep the little ones entertained. It’s safe to say that there is something for everyone at this gorgeous lake in Sikkim.

After an eventful day spent at this site, you can drive up to Club Mahindra resort Gangtok which is just 34km away to relax amidst nature’s beauty. You can enjoy specially curated experiences and world-class amenities which ensure you and your family have just as good a time indoors in the resort as you do outdoors.

Menmecho Lake

This lake in Sikkim is located merely 20 km away from Tsomgo Lake. Nestled amidst dense pine forests and deep slopes, Menmecho lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in India. Although cars don’t reach this location, one can take a car from Gangtok to Baba mandir and from baba mandir it’s a scenic 4km trek with a truly magnificent view. The lake is frozen from January to August, but during summer, this lake is surrounded with beautiful flowers and lush greenery. Menmecho lake is also a popular spot for trout fishing and cultivation.

Gurudongmar Lake

This pristine lake is close to the Tibetan and Chinese border and is at an altitude of 17,000 ft. This beautiful lake is surrounded by snow-clad mountains and it is a wondrous sight all year round. The lake is never completely frozen, even during the winters and is said to be blessed by Guru Padmasambhava, who visited Tibet through this area. This lake in Sikkim is of great significance to both Hindus and Buddhists. The water in the lake is considered sacred, making it a mystic and beautiful spot to visit.   

Tso Lhamo Lake

Just 9 km from Gurudongmar lake is the Tso Lhamo lake, one of the highest lakes in the world. This lake in Sikkim is one of the sources of the Teesta River and is surrounded by magnificent glaciers from all sides. Nature lovers from all around the world visit this lake for its magical beauty. The path to this lake may be rough, but the lovely view will wash away the tiredness that you may feel from the trek.

Khecheopalri Lake

Situated at a whopping 38,710 feet, Khecheopalri is one of the most sacred lakes, especially for the Hindu and Buddhist religious folklores. Hindus and Buddhists believe it to be a wish-fulfilling lake. Legend says that the birds in the vicinity protect the lake from intruders. Even though the lake is surrounded by lush green trees, you will not see a single leaf in the water because the birds always fly down and pick it up. The adventure-seekers can take a walking trail from Pelling to Khecheopalri, which takes around 5 hours, and do an overnight camp at the Khecheopalri village.

The Pemyangste Monastery is just 24 km away from this beautiful lake, which is around 51 min drive. From this beautiful monastery, a scenic 1-hour drive will take you to Club Mahindra, Baiguney where you can relax after a fulfilling day of lake hopping. Bonfires with your family, some pool time, learning rock painting and Maruni, the local Sikkimese dance–you can enjoy the simpler things in life at this beautiful resort in Sikkim and go back home with memories you will treasure for a lifetime.

If you are a nature lover, it’s high time you planned a trip to Sikkim and witnessed all the wondrous sights this state has to offer with your own eyes. With Club Mahindra membership, you can make the most of your Sikkim trip. Book your holiday at Club Mahindra’s premium resorts that ensure nothing but magical holidays!


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