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Travel during the monsoons is always a good idea. For starters, as anyone who’s ever felt the cool monsoon winds send a welcome tingle down their spine will tell you, the weather is absolutely gorgeous. Then there’s the scenery. The monsoon is God’s own Instagram filter that makes the colours of nature pop while bathing the world in soft mood lighting. And lastly, there’s the people, or lack of them. Not many people travel during the monsoon season making every destination easier to explore at your own pace without worrying too much about the eternal travel conundrum of ‘getting there before anyone else’. That being said, let’s look at our top 5 monsoon getaways this year.


There’s something magical about the mists rolling through the green hills of Coorg. Now replace the mists with rain clouds and you’re in for a real treat as the rains rejuvenate the emerald landscape and your mind along with it. Watch the clouds heavy with rain, from the French windows of your room at Club Mahindra Virajpet, Coorg while clutching a steaming cup of filter coffee. Wait in anticipation for the all too familiar boom of thunder as the clouds part, drenching the surrounding jungles and plantations while the winds carry the heady perfume of petrichor, cardamom and pepper. You can breathe in this fragrance without worry thanks to social distancing measures and hotel safety protocols in place during Covid-19. Visit our membership portal and check out the Club Mahinda reviews on resort safety to see for yourself.


Goa calms down and takes a breather during the monsoon. Loud parties are replaced by chilled out gatherings at quaint cafes, late night dancing becomes early morning yoga and the packed beaches become peaceful oases of calm where the only thing louder than your inner thoughts is the roaring sea. This is the perfect time to experience the subdued, refined side of Goa. Enjoy a leisurely stroll at the beach that ends with aromatherapy and ayurvedic massages at the Svaastha spa at Club Mahindra Varca Beach, one of the first resorts in Goa to re-open with full safety protocols. As Goa relaxes by dancing in the rain, we suggest you do the same. If Covid-19 has you worried, be sure to visit our members portal and see verified Club Mahindra reviews on resort safety to put your mind at ease.



Kanha Hatgad

Kanha National Park, MP

Play hide and seek with majestic tigers as the foliage and vegetation at this national park gets a shot in the arm during the monsoon. The arid brown and sandy beige of this park during the summer gives way to a palette of greens when the rain hits Kanha. Take a safari starting from Club Mahindra Kanha and you might come face to face with the regal Barasingha or Swap deer, feasting on a buffet of fresh green leaves, not far behind are the playful Chital, cute Jungle Cats and of course, tigers, all of whom are just as enamoured by the weather as you are. Be sure to check out the Club Mahindra reviews on resort safety to read up on the wonderful and safe experiences of fellow travellers who made the trip during the current Covid-19 scenario.

Hatgad, Maharashtra

With its ancient fort perched above a sweeping valley, Hatgad in Maharashtra is a trekkers delight in the monsoon. The usual trail leading up to the fort becomes a mini obstacle course criss-crossed by mini rivulets, overlaid with fresh greenery and paved with soft earth. The usually dry air also takes on a hint of welcome humidity and the sun takes a break behind the clouds making the weather perfect to spend time outdoors. What’s more, Club Mahindra Hatgad’s location in Nasik, India’s very own wine country, means you can also drive to nearby vineyards and take a wine tasting tour as the sky serenades you with a chorus of thunder. Furthermore, with full safety protocols being followed by the resort, your vacation is guaranteed to be a safe and healthy one. Read our Club Mahindra reviews on resort safety to know more.

Kanatal, Uttarakhand

This village and hill station nestled in the rolling hills of Uttarakhand is perfect for a long weekend getaway from Delhi or Chandigarh. During the monsoons, the already low temperatures drop a little further. Cosying up under a blanket with a book or your favourite show and a spectacular view of the mountains from your room at Club Mahindra Kanatal is the life you deserve. The pitter patter of the rain on your window serves as a welcome distraction reminding you to look up and savour the beauty that surrounds you. You could also go for a drive over mountain roads, passing through pine and spruce forests, while the light drizzle and rolling clouds rejuvenate your surroundings and your mind. What’s more? Your vacation to Kanatal is 100% safe despite prevailing conditions, thanks to stringent hotel safety protocols in place to protect you from Covid-19. Read the Club Mahindra reviews on resort safety to know more about how Club Mahinda Kanatal kept your fellow travellers safe and healthy.

If reading this has you reaching out for your suitcase but the prevailing Covid crisis has you putting it back, don’t worry. Club Mahindra resorts are some of the few hotels and resorts that have opened their doors once again and ensuring a safe, healthy holiday is priority number one. To this end, all surfaces in guestrooms, public areas and back of the house are rigorously sanitised and re-sanitised regularly, following a strict schedule. To adhere to hotel safety and social distancing norms, contactless check-in, check-out and ordering is possible through the Club Mahindra app. Club Mahindra has also enlisted the services of Bureau Veritas, a global leader in safety auditing to ensure the highest standards and levels of accountability. After all, your monsoon getaway needs to be carefree and safe before anything else.


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