Travelling as a family doesn’t always have to be about finding the most amazing places to visit, but instead focus on what is important – the family!

If you strive to prioritize your kids’ desires and make an effort to understand each other, the memories will effortlessly string themselves. It’s usually the small moments that strengthen bonds and help shape your kids into more social and empathetic adults.

All the Club Mahindra resorts organise such activities to help you bond with kids and keep you entertained throughout your family vacation.

For instance, here are 5 simple experiences you can share with your children when you holiday at Club Mahindra Madikeri and Virajpet resorts in Coorg.


Participating in creative activities will help you understand the functional and behavioural psychology of your kids. With fine creative pursuits, children will be motivated to be attentive, which improves focus and working memory skills. The Club Mahindra Coorg resorts have arts and crafts workshops where you can learn pottery, origami, painting, etc. at the HappyHub activity centre of Coorg resorts.


If you want to raise the happiest and healthiest kids, let them dance. You can witness the cultural entertainment evenings at the Coorg resorts, participate in the dance classes, learn a few local dance steps and practice those with your kids. Join in the fun, laugh at each other, create your signature moves. By letting loose, we subconsciously lose a lot of inhibitions and break barriers and constructively release excess energy.

Cooking together

Sharing a culinary experience is a great way to share traditions. There will definitely be stories from the time of grandma to share, also perhaps some of her recipes. At the end of it, creating something that stimulates four out of the five senses makes for a great bonding experience. The Coorg resorts host cooking classes where you can learn from the best!

Adventure Sports

Urban children are missing out on open areas and outdoor activities. Away from gadgets and social media, nothing better than to spend time out in nature. Go trekking and explore new terrains where you work together as a team. It helps inculcate leadership skills and responsibility towards the ecosystem. Club Mahindra Coorg resorts organise treks you can go on with your entire family. They also offer other sports such as ziplining and artificial rock climibing within. Along with these adventure sports, there are plethora of other things to do in Coorg with family during your stay at Coorg resorts. Board games There are numerous family-friendly and educational board games. Long hours of play help develop a mutual understanding between parents and children. Just by virtue of playing them, board games can teach important social skills, such as verbal communication, sharing, waiting, taking turns, and enjoying the interaction with others. Club Mahindra's activity centres #HappyHub have a plethora of board games to choose from. You can bond with your family, experience ancient traditions and rituals of the land, and build memories, while nesting in comfortable and spacious rooms at Club Mahindra's Coorg resorts. The resort also offers local delicacies of Karnataka to binge on at the in-house restaurant. Read through these Club Mahindra reviews of Madikeri resort & get a sneak peek of what members have to say about this resort in Coorg.

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