If you were to think of a family vacation, the first five things to pop up in your mind could well be: exotic location, great stay, ocean cruise, grab the best deals and spend amazing time with your family!

Now, with a Club Mahindra membership, here are some things you can gain access to effortlessly:

• An Award winning, flexible, family vacation concept which provides great value and a lifetime of unforgettable experiences.

• With a Club Mahindra membership, one gets to holiday 7 days every year for 25 years

• Club Mahindra has established a member base of over 2,20,000 members in 20 years

• Holidays at over 50 scenic Club Mahindra resorts in India & abroad

Planning a cost-effective holiday for the entire family has never been this easy. Buying a Club Mahindra membership is the answer to making beautiful memories, be it with your significant other, parents, kids, or the whole extended family!

Advantage Club Mahindra Membership

Learning from decades of experience in hospitality, extensive surveys, and constantly improving services based on customer feedback, Club Mahindra has designed various membership plans to suit your unique requirements. These bring you best-in-class holiday properties in India and abroad. A Club Mahindra membership ensures you get your perfect vacation without the hassle of having to plan every single detail – or risking a bad experience.

There are plenty of benefits associated with a Club Mahindra membership that you and your family can enjoy. Here are the top five reasons why you should buy one:

1. Easy planning and booking

A Club Mahindra membership plan takes away all the drudgery of planning a family holiday and associated hassles every single time. If you are a Club Mahindra member, a family holiday is as easy as ‘pack-and-go’!

You can be assured of the best of property and services when booking a Club Mahindra resort. Depending on your membership, you can book your holiday at any time in the year or during off-season. It provides you with the flexibility of using your vacation days as you deem fit. You can use all seven days given per year at a time or divide them into multiple holidays. You can also choose not to use the days in a particular year and carry them forward to the next.

There are service providers who will be more than happy to assist you in your bookings, provide a customised itinerary, suggest the best attractions to visit, and provide activities to keep you entertained during your holiday as well.

2. Stunning properties

Club Mahindra resorts and its partner properties give you a vast list of options to choose from. Spread across the country across popular hill stations, beach towns, and other vacations spots, you can easily satiate your wanderlust. The properties are situated in prime locations surrounded by nature. Moreover, these properties are spread across acres of land – just exploring them will be an adventure in itself!

Club Mahindra’s associations with an international chain of hotels means you can use your membership while travelling abroad as well. Its timeshare holiday exchange program allows you to use your vacation days for staying at one of the many timeshare partner resorts of Club Mahindra all over the world, so your family holidays are not just limited to domestic travels!

3. Curated holidays

You holiday can be curated as per your likes and dislikes. Stay, sight-seeing, tours, activities for kids – everything can be planned for you without your having to lift a finger. All your leisure time can be designed to suit the needs of your family, so you can enjoy your time any way you want. You can visit museums, amusement parks, clubs, and historic places – anything! There are multiple options, so you can sail in peace.

4. No risk of fluctuating hotel prices

If you consider yourself a prudent investor, buying a Club Mahindra membership is a great deal. Once you buy a membership, you have bought holidays for 25 years. Club Mahindra membership is not at risk fluctuating price changes. In other words, a Club Mahindra membership gives you assured holidays irrespective of market dynamics during peak holiday seasons. If this is not a great deal, we don’t know what is. Additionally, there are flexible EMIs available for you when buying a Club Mahindra membership. After all, investing in your family holiday plans shouldn’t have to be a stressful process.

5. Exposure to local culture

One of the best perks of travelling is immersing in the local culture, meeting local people, and savouring local delicacies. A Club Mahindra membership ensures all this and more. The cultural experience begins as soon as you set foot inside the premises of a Club Mahindra resort. A friendly, traditional welcome, an authentic decor, and well-trained staff immediately give you a positive vibe. Besides, many in-resort activities, workshops and guided tours organized by the resort team can help you get the best local experience. Resorts’ restaurants ensure that the guests get to relish the local cuisine.

More bang for the buck

A Club Mahindra Membership eliminates all the hassle from holiday planning. With more than 20 years of experience, Club Mahindra understands what you want and strives to make every moment of your family vacation as perfect as possible. Enjoy the best holiday destinations of India – from Sikkim to Rajasthan to Maharashtra to Goa to Kerala.

Club Mahindra resorts have something for every member of your family. Get pampered at the spa, eat delicious local food, chill in the pool, play adventure sports, dance, meditate, learn a new skill, and do much more. Or relax in your comfortable room and do nothing at all!

A Club Mahindra Membership is an investment in family holidays that creates a lifetime of beautiful memories with your family. Now that you know about some of the special benefits that come with a Club Mahindra membership, isn’t it time you got one?

Read through these Club Mahindra resort reviews & get a sneak peek of how members are enjoying their family vacations at popular holiday destinations of India with Club Mahindra membership.

About Mahindra Holidays

Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited (MHRIL), India’s leading player in the leisure hospitality industry, offers quality family holidays as also stated by Club Mahindra Membership Reviews, primarily through vacation ownership memberships. While Club Mahindra is the flagship brand offering Club Mahindra Memberships, the other brands offered by the company are – Club Mahindra Resorts Fundays and Svaastha Spa. As on Mar 31, 2019, MHRIL has 61+ resorts across India and abroad and its subsidiary, Holiday Club Resorts Oy, Finland, a leading vacation ownership company in Europe has 33 resorts across Finland, Sweden and Spain. Visit us at Clubmahindra.com.

About Club Mahindra

Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd. (MHRIL), a part of Leisure and Hospitality sector of the Mahindra Group, offers quality family holidays primarily through vacation ownership memberships and brings to the industry values such as reliability, trust and customer satisfaction. Started in 1996, the company's flagship brand ‘Club Mahindra’, today has over 250,000 members , who can holiday at 100+ resorts in India and abroad.

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