We are all blatantly aware about the importance of family time and how crucial it is to ensure that you actively engage with your family. And yet, despite being aware, we tend to overlook the actual implementation as we get busy with our jobs, the kids get involved with school and life seems to go on. After all, have you ever paused and given this a thought? How much time do you end up spending with your family in the day and how much do you engage with your children?

Good family time is not just about imposing a blanket ban on your children’s screen time and making sure they eat right in the day or make it to school on time. It also amounts to spending time with the children on a daily basis, taking part in activities with them and reading to them during bedtime. But going over and above the basics, there are a few activities that one should look into when you consider devoting time to your family.

• Plan a Vacation

No matter how much time you end up spending with your family on a daily basis, taking a trip together can be truly different from all the dinners you have had at home. Not only do you spend a considerable number of days together, this is a great way to get to really know your children, especially, if they are teenagers and have started to manage on their own. Being a Club Mahindra member, all you need to do is pre book your travel at a resort of your choice. All the resorts are self sufficient and apart from heading out to visit the tourist attractions, you will find yourself completely satisfied just lounging in the pool with your kids or taking a massage with your spouse.

We do end up engaging in small talk during dinner or while we are around each other, but when was the last time you really sat down and had a proper conversation with your kids? Meal time is essentially the best time of the day to ask your children about their day, get to know their thoughts and opinions on various things. Apart from just a fun banter, actively indulge your children in mindful conversations. Talk to them about relationships, friendship, politics, career options, their feelings and passions. And a vacation is the best time to converse. Talk about travelling to different places, the food they enjoy and what they love doing.• Converse During Meals

• Indulge in Activities Together

Most of the Club Mahindra resorts have various opportunities to indulge in activities together. While the pool is a place where you can spend ample time together, the provision of the spa and massages is also a way to bond. Get a massage with your spouse and take your children to the entertainment zone. These fun zones come equipped with video games and board games. This is the best way to spend time with your kids when you are away from home. Club mahindra resort in Coorg has Svaastha Spa which can help you to reduce stress. Plan a vacation with Club Mahindra to have a memorable family holiday. Don’t believe us? Go check out the Club Mahindra reviews by our happy members.

• Treat them Occasionally

Treating your children once in a while is necessary. And by treating, we do not mean buying them ice creams or simply taking them out for dinner. Plan a trip with them and head out for a full fletched vacation. Let them explore new places and tour around the world. There is tremendous learning that one can soak in from travelling and planning a vacation once every year for the entire family is the best way to broaden their minds and spend quality time.

• Lower the Expectations

Without meaning to, most parents start to have expectations from their child which often go beyond what the children are capable of. Lowering these expectations or making sure that you keep the expectations in check is a great way to go about handling family time. Not only will the conversations be less laden with academics or career-oriented discussions, but you will also find ample space to talk to them as friends and get to know them beyond what their hopes and dreams are

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