Located in Karnataka’s verdant Coorg district, Virajpet is about 35 kms away from Madikeri and is equally mesmerising. As the plains give way to the hills and the road begins to curve upwards, the wide vistas of forested slopes and valleys act as a soothing balm. There are thick jungles, paddy fields, and coffee plantations interspersed with pepper and cardamom plants. In between are little streams and rivulets, occasional waterfalls during the monsoons, and then there is the river Cauvery, revered by the Kodavas. Just round the corner, Virajpet suddenly comes into view and it is almost like a picture postcard. Most families prefer to visit Coorg between October and May when the climate is pleasant!

• Quad Biking is Provided by the Resort

Imagine an exhilarating ride zipping up and down a hilly terrain amidst coffee plantations. The resort provides All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) on which guests can go quad biking. Surprisingly easy, the vehicles are stable and even novices can navigate these fun vehicles. The whole adventure with quad biking lies in ensuring that you drive on terrains that are rocky and exciting.

• Bird Watching Tours are Personalized

The bird watching tours are customised and personalised as per everyone’s liking and taste. This results in a special experience and an intimate one with your family.

• Plantation Walks are Guided

Spread over 15 acres, the coffee plantations surrounding the Virajpet resort are ideal for long walks and to learn about the whole process of coffee. There are also spices in the plantations and you can learn about them as well on the walk. Or go birdwatching in the sprawling estate.

• Fun Zones are More Exciting than You Thought

More often than not we consider the fun zone at a resort as a place that can be the last option when you are on a vacation. However, we are here to bust that myth. The fun zones are filled with numerous activities which can be incredibly exciting if you have a large group or if you socialise with the other members and decide to indulge in a fun session of indoor gaming. For those lazy mornings or afternoons, the indoor activity centre is a perfect place to enjoy a variety of activities such as board games, vidoe games, xbox and other activities or even lounge around reading books. It is ideal for both children and adults.

• Popular Local Cuisine has our Age- Old Chef Recipes

The food served for every meal in the resort is well planned and comes from a carefully curated menu by our chefs. Most of the chefs have age old recipes that have been passed down by their moms or grandmoms. These are recipes which come from love, experience and decades of having made the particular dish in that specific way. Think of the one food item which your mother makes which is irreplaceable and no grand restaurant can really ever replicate it. Yes, that’s exactly what we mean when we say our chefs use their age-old recipes in the Club Mahindra kitchen. The food in Coorg is delicious and its deliciousness is enhanced with the usage of fresh ingredients and spices. Rice – the staple item – is used in a variety of ways. Owing to the geography and culture of the region, the cuisine is dominated by meat. It also makes generous use of locally grown spices such as pepper and cardamom and ingredients that grow in the forest such as ferns, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, wild fruits, berries and kachampuli (a sour wild fruit). Here is an article that covers the interesting food items at Virajpet resort, Coorg.

Along with the aforementioned activities, here is a list of other things to do in Coorg during family vacation at Virajpet resort!

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