Do you work in a stressful work environment?

Do you check business emails when holidaying?

Have you found ways to improve your productivity at work?

High-stress levels at the workplace are one of the main reasons for low productivity and indifferent engagement of employees. Workplace stress is caused by multiple reasons, some of the leading causes being, never-ending work demands and the necessity to stay connected even outside of the usual working hours.

As an employer, propagating workplace happiness should not be considered as an altruistic endeavour, but as a measure that will help increase overall business output, ensure happier clients and even boost business bottom lines.

One of the ways to reduce workplace stress is to ensure that your employees utilise their leaves and take stress-free vacations. But the responsibility to ensure that the employee can truly enjoy the holiday lies with the employer. Read on to know more.

Ways to deal with workplace stress

Consider this…

A single working mom takes 10 to 15-minute power naps at work to deal with stress.

A manager reads a chapter of a suspense novel on his commute home in the evening.

An executive meditates for 15 minutes every afternoon when the pressure builds up.

The refreshing energy of power-naps and 10-minute workouts help in relieving stress in the workplace. But they are short-lived. To gain long-term benefits of stress relieving activities, you must first consider stress in the workplace as a mindset. A perspective that can be dealt with in simple ways.

1. Digital detox – One of the best ways to stay stress-free is to disconnect from devices, for a while. Digital detox has become a trend for all the right reasons. It is counter-productive to check business emails when holidaying. You cannot juggle between deadlines and enjoy the snow-sniffling views in an exotic winter destination at the same time. On your next holiday, disconnect from your devices, slow down and be in the moment.

2. Take a perfect getaway – A good way to de-stress and refresh your perspective is to explore new destinations, meet new people, experience different cultures, discover new landscapes and create memorable holidays that linger. Instead of mulling over messages on your phone, you could plan a trip to enjoy pristine views the Himalayan snow peaks from White Meadows, Manali, or capture kaleidoscopic sunrises and sunsets at the Kandaghat, near Shimla, or you could witness the ‘winter line’ from Mussoorie.

3. Explore your creative side – Have you shelved a creative endeavour? Doing something creative helps to de-stress, and a holiday is the best time to try something new. At the Club Mahindra Binsar Valley resort, you can go on a camping trip and cook traditional dishes in clay pots over a bonfire. If you are not into camping, you can explore your creativeness at the resort, with pottery, puppet making and hobby workshops which are relaxing as well as stimulating.

4. Indulge in healthy yet exotic cuisine – There are healthy ways to de-stress with food. Especially when holidaying, there is a tendency to overindulge. However, to try something different you can get a glimpse of the sedate, village life and try local food. On your next winter vacation in Himachal, the village tour from the Club Mahindra Kandaghat resort is one of the best ways to indulge in the local flavours of Himachal cuisine. Their traditional thali is a relaxing treat to the senses. Learning about how they grow their food and indigenous cooking styles is also an interesting culinary experience.

5. Spend time in nature – Nothing can be more relaxing that Nature. Exploring scenic trails and picturesque landscape is refreshing. Winter destinations offer serene views of the snow-capped mountains, and the cool breeze of the forests soothe your senses. Bird watching and spotting wildlife is also a fun activity to socialise with other beings outside of the virtual world. The scenic trails that surround the resort give you the perfect setting to stroll around.

Taking a break from work provides a fresh perspective, one that would be more productive from an employee who has worked uninterruptedly. Employers must ensure that the work style accommodates free time for employees to enjoy their holidays without stress. Because, “It’s easy to see an absent employee as a bad thing for business, but an employee who’s never absent may be actually worse.” - Club Mahindra Fundays

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