The festive season is beginning in India. In the month of August itself, we have many major Indian festivals like Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami, and more lining up. The subsequent months have some major festivals. Festivals are a time when families and friends come together and celebrate. You will host many of your family and friends for these celebrations, and it’s always great to have your creativity on display.

There are so many DIY decoration ideas you can try to add more colour and light to your home. Not only do these decorations look good, but they are also fun to make. So, if you’re planning to host your friends and family soon and want to make the house look presentable, here are a few easy and fun to make DIY decoration ideas.

Paper cup garlands

We’re always looking for a creative twist on the classic fairy lights. Paper cup garlands are easy to make and add a pop of colour and light to every room. Empty paper cups are easy to find. Wrap the cups with decorative paper, thread, ribbons, or yarn. You can also paint the cups if you have any creative designs in mind. Once done, cut out the holes at the bottom of the cups. You can string multiple paper cups together and add the tiny fairy lights through the sides where you have made the holes in the cup. The paper cup garlands are ready to light up your festivities!

Tea lights with empty jars

We all have empty jars in the kitchen whiling away in a corner. Why not make use of them and make the house look prettier? Tea lights are one of the best ways to light up a dull corner in a room. Add a little twist to the classic lights, and combine them with empty jars from your kitchen. Place the tea lights inside empty jars and see how the cozy corner in your house transforms. You can also paint the glass jars or stick paper or fabric so that the flame from the tea lights cast a designer shadow on the wall. 

Yarn lanterns

Yarn lanterns are one of the top DIY decoration ideas these days. They are a lot of fun to make, and they look absolutely amazing in any room. To make yarn lanterns you need some yarn, balloons, glue, and cluster lights or fairy lights. Make a paste by mixing some water and glue. Blow up a balloon and apply this paste to it. Now wrap some yarn around the balloon on the glue. Be very gentle and ensure the balloon doesn’t burst during this process. Once the yarn is placed and the mixture is dry, burst the balloon. You can make several of these and add them to cluster lights to make yarn lights.

Crepe Paper Torans

Torans or lanterns are a huge part of Indian festivals and celebrations. However, the ones made of real flowers don’t last too long. Crepe paper torans are a great idea because you don’t have to worry about throwing them away. Crepe paper torans are easy to make and look great no matter where you put them. 

Fairy lights photo wall

Fairy lights will be an all-time favourite for those looking to decorate their homes. Why not try fairy lights with a creative twist? Turn a wall in one of your rooms into a wall full of lights and memories. All you have to do is cover the wall with fairy lights. You can tape them up across the wall. You can then take a few polaroids, pictures, and greeting cards and hang them through the wires of the fairy lights. You can use clips to keep the pictures on the wires. Your wall full of memories is ready!

Paper bag lanterns

Paper bags at home can be used to make beautiful lanterns in no time! All you have to do is, punch some decorative holes through the paper bag, place the bag on a burning candle or light and your paper bag lantern is ready. It’s that easy!
There are so many DIY decoration ideas you can try for the upcoming festive season. You will have everything you need at home or easily find it around you. These DIY decoration ideas are a great bonding exercise for your friends and family too. So, you can make these at one of your celebrations and add more joy to the festivities.

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