With everyone having to stay home during the coronavirus lockdown, the world seems to have moved online. From schools and colleges to small and big companies, everybody is managing to keep up with their daily activities while working online. But we should learn to take this extra time at home as a blessing. We get to spend more with our family and finally getting on to developing new hobbies or bring back our old ones.

For kids, it’s easier to pick up on different set of skill while still young. They are creative, full of energy and want to be entertained at all times. Sp why not take advantages of some of the courses that are available online?

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#1 Cartoon Drawing Basics

One activity every kid loves to do is to draw. Hand a kid a piece of paper and some colour pencils or sketch pens and see how they doodle out their creativity for you. With this extra time on hands during home quarantine, help kids in bettering their drawing skills by registering for an online course. And what do kids love? Cartoons! Have them learn how to draw their favourite cartoons and maybe even get them inspired to make some original characters of their own!

#2 Learn a Language

Uno, one, satu, ek - four different languages of saying and writing 1! This can be the perfect time to either registering for a course that aids in perfecting a kid’s first language or take up the challenge of learning a completely different language from scratch! Online platforms such as Duolingo and Memrise are great for easy learning and understanding of a language using audio and visual tools.

#3 DIY Crafts

Keep your kids busy for hours by involving them in learning how to make do-it-yourself (DIY) crafts, guided by an online course. Simple and easily accessible objects lying around the house can end up being used in different ways to come up with the some genius and usable craft objects. In fact, this can be one of the fun family activities to do during the weekend! For this, you can check out YouTube channels or even look up free courses on Udemy and Skillshare.

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#4 Strengthening Math Skills

What fraction is better - sharing your birthday cake with 100 people or with 5 people? Maths is not just for the nerds and believe it or not, maths can be fun. When relatable and easy methods are used to teach a topic, learning automatically becomes exciting! Depending on your child’s age, register him/her for an online class that will enhance the grasp on the subject. Udemy, Coursera and EdX have some great (and free) online math courses to choose from that will surely make your kid love the subject!

#5 Dancing

Ballet? Hip-hop? Freestyle? Whatever kids feel like learning, there are online courses to teach them! With the coronavirus lockdown in effect, dance professionals and trainers are resorting to using online platforms such as Instagram and YouTube to host dance sessions that everyone can participate in while they stay safe at home. For more, you can also check out Skillshare and Learn to Dance.

#6 Learning Science with Experiments

Did you know that you can learn about oxidation with just lemon juice, a cotton swab, a piece of white paper and a blow dryer? Yes! Now, wouldn’t that be a fun experiment for kids to participate in? Imagine learning such topics with engaging science experiments from an online course that your kid registered on Udemy, Coursera or Khan Academy during the coronavirus lockdown!

Time to get online and get learning!

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