How many times have you booked a vacation without giving a great amount of thought to what you are really expecting from it? Everyone today finds themselves so exhausted with hectic work schedules and numerous commitments, that the whole idea of just escaping somewhere away from the city itself is endearing enough. But when you spend a substantial amount of money and time on a vacation, should it not be something that you look back and reminisce? The kind of experiences that stay with you for years after the trip? Sure, a vacation where you while away time in the pool or just read a book and watch a sunset is equally needed; but in a world where the fear of missing out on anything is so heightened, planning a trip in advance is the bare minimum! Here are a few tips that one can use when planning a vacation ahead of time.

• Focus on What You Expect from the Trip

A very essential aspect of planning any trip is giving a considerable amount of thought to the kind of experience that you would love to have. While some people expect adventure activities, some others find solace in just whiling away time, soaking in a beautiful sunset or indulging in a spa. The important thing is to question what you are looking for and what would make you happy. If you are heading to North India and are someone who loves adventurous activities, scheduling bungee jumping or river rafting in Rishikesh or rappelling, hiking and trekking in Shimla should be on the cards. Have a look at other things to do in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh during family vacation.

• Make a List of Tourist Attractions

While tourist attractions are places that one cannot really give a miss, you can always take time out and do a basic study on what is really worth visiting and what can be given a miss. A majority of times a lot of tourist attractions are ones that do not really excite everyone. If you are someone who isn’t fond of history, forts, monuments; not visiting every fort in Goa or giving a few monuments a miss can actually make your trip more enjoyable and exciting. Make sure you don’t always stick to the rules and break the protocol. Make a list of the selected few tourist spots that you really want to visit and leave aside the rest without much ado.

• Find Out Hidden Gems

Imagine walking into a bookstore or chancing upon a small restaurant that wasn’t on your list but ends up serving the most delicious local food in that town! How exciting would that feel! A very important aspect of travelling is to leave things to spontaneity but not always will that work. Instead, what we suggest is that you do a research about the place you are visiting and find out places or experiences that are niche, less popular and yet worth the visit. Not only will this surprise you, it will also open your mind to newer kinds of experiences, people, ways of life. So, depending on the Club Mahindra resort that you have booked, you can even consult our resort managers for a detailed insight into the city or town’s hidden gems.

• Keep Aside Idle Time

If you are someone who loves planning your trip to the T, don’t forget, you are ultimately off on a vacation and having every minute micromanaged can be really exhausting. At such times, having some time off and not planning where you will head or what you will do next can be a real relief. This can also lead to spontaneous and more exciting activities that you probably would not have thought of when you did your research.

• Talk to Your Travel Companions

Just like any other collaboration, travelling with someone means you need to take into account their opinions and likes or dislikes. Sit down with the person or people who you are travelling with and make a list of priority activities that you both want to mutually partake. Rule out a few things that are not very important and learn how to compromise. The entire fun of travelling with someone comes with a give and take that you cannot experience with solo travelling.

• Assign a Budget

Assigning a budget to each activity and calculating your overall budget should be the first few things that you take up when you build a day to day itinerary. Once you have booked your flight or train tickets, the next thing to look at is advance book activities that are outside the resort but on your list. Since your accommodation requires no expense, you can always go a little easy and spend on the other activities. Most Club Mahindra resorts come with an entertainment zone, a swimming pool, massage and spa facilities and a grand buffet spread for lunch, dinner and breakfast; which means you barely need to spend on anything once your stay is booked. Read these Club Mahindra reviews to know more about what members have to say about their stay at Club Mahindra resorts.

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