Wondering what to do all day during coronavirus lockdown? Us too! We realise many of you are working from home and that is what you are doing for the better part of your day but what about your free time? How are you keeping things positive and upbeat during your unwinding hour?

It can get really dull and boring if you do not provide a definite structure to your day. But having said that, make sure to also keep aside some time for yourself where you can indulge in activities that makes you feel better as well what helps in passing the day a little quickly. Having nothing planned or nothing to do can cause an individual to start overthinking and pondering over unnecessary matters for no reason. We don’t want you to do that! To help you keep things more upbeat, check out some these practices that you can adopt to keep the blues at bay:

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#1 Dance Away

Believe it or not, dancing can make you really happy! You don’t need to be a professional dancer to dance along - someone with two left feet can also can also sway to their own rhythm. Dancing is considered a form of expression and can prove to be very therapeutic for people. It instantly improves your mood if you are feeling sour or blue and can help in improving you mental and physical health!

#2 Adopt a Hobby

During the home quarantine period, make it a point to try and learn something new and develop it as a hobby. It can be learning to dance, cook, paint, do-it-yourself crafts or penning down your thoughts in a diary or book. It helps to keep your mind and/or body engaged in different activities rather than constantly worry about the happenings around the world. Won’t you love if you come of the coronavirus lockdown with a new skill added to your repertoire?

#3 Get Exercising

Many people seem to have developed an increased craving for food during the home quarantine. It is out of boredom and keeping idle that you are constantly munching on something. Find the will and motivation in yourself to get up from your bed or couch and exercise every day for at least for 15 minutes. While you stay home, look up exercise routines on YouTube or on fitness apps that will barely take a few minutes but will surely help in shaping you and your day. Exercising will aid in releasing anxiety and stress and while you may be lying down in a pool of sweat by the end of it, you will feel so much happier and at peace.

#4 Watch Stand-up Comedy

“Laughter is the best medicine” and we cannot agree more! Stand-up comedy is where a comedian performs a set of jokes in front of a live audience while directly interacting with them.Technology has made it convenient for people to look up stand-up comedy and comical shows that are bound to incite a laugh or two. For short clips, you can look them up on YouTube or for full-fledged shows, make sure to check out different OTT platforms.

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#5 Grow Plants

This may sound sound boring or mundane to some but hear us out! When you start growing something, you develop a sense of responsibility towards it. Right from the moment you plant the seeds to watering it every day and finally watching the first shoot make its way out of the mud. Since you have to stay home, you have a little extra time on hands to tend to these plants. There is no denying that you will feel very happy when your plants start growing and eventually bear flowers and fruits.

#6 Talk to Friends

So, what if you cannot spend time with your friends in person? Stay connected with them with messages, phone calls and video chats so that you feel less lonely and happier. Most importantly, socialise with those people who maintain a sense of positiveness and around who you can just be yourself and feel at ease. Coronavirus lockdown is difficult for all of us so let’s just try to be with those help uplift our energy and spirit.

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