Social distancing and the need to stay home is a must but by now, we have all been made aware that having a strong and healthy immunity system is imperative to fight the symptoms of COVID-19. One of the best and easiest ways of doing that is by following a healthy and well-balanced diet.

Almost everyone is opting for homemade meals since eating out is not an option anymore. Given the fact that groceries are hard to come by, people want to make the best of what is available to them. Keeping all of that in mind, there are some food items that every individual should make a point to include in their daily meals during the lockdown. These food items are rich in anti-oxidants and nutrients that will make sure you have a strong immune system. Check them out:

#1 Orange

Oranges are a rich source of Vitamin C which is essential in the production of white blood cells. As an anti-oxidant, oranges greatly boost your immunity system and keeps flu at bay. The fruit is considerably economical and available all throughout the year so make sure to stock up and snack on an orange instead of chips!

P.S. - Put the orange peels to use by dehydrating them first and then making a powder of these peels. This powder can be used as a face or body scrub that keeps the skin nourished and healthy.

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#2 Ginger

Admit it, your morning cup of tea is incomplete without a generous dose of ginger to flavour the drink. But our beloved friend ginger does more than just that. It is an anti-inflammatory ingredient that helps in curing a sore throat and decreases nausea. Moreover, its anti-bacterial and anti-viral traits helps the body in getting rid of toxins and infections, hence making sure that the immune system is well-adapted to tackle any flu-like symptoms (or even COVID-19).

#3 Yogurt

Vitamin D is another essential element in building up a strong immune system. A Vitamin D-rich food? Yogurt, of course! Contrary to popular belief, yogurt is actually a good choice if you are suffering from a cold. As long as it is consumed at room temperature, the probiotic -rich food will aid in detoxifying your system of germs. You can have it just like that or include it in a smoothie, make a dip out of it to pair with seafood, mix it in salads, etc.

#4 Papaya

Papaya is rich in Vitamin C. It also has an enzyme called ‘papain’ which comes useful in having a healthy digestive system. Papaya is also a storehouse of potassium, carotenoids and B vitamins - all key elements in building up a healthy immune system. Having the ripe fruit is the best!

#5 Spinach

We have all grown up listening to our elders tell us how important it is to eat our green vegetables. Well, they are not wrong! Not only are they delicious, each one is packed with various nutrients. When it comes to including spinach in our diet, there are numerous ways you can do so. Blanch it and include it as a side, add the leaves in a salad, blend it into a smoothie or even make a dip by combining it with yogurt. Moreover, spinach has an abundance of Vitamin A, Vitamin K, magnesium, iron, B12 - the list seems endless!

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#6 Garlic

Raw and cooked garlic is also great if you want to prevent flu or COVID-19 like infection. Garlic has also proven to help with decreasing blood pressure, reducing chances of cancer and diabetes. Garlic is such a versatile ingredient that it can be added to any dish and all the flavours will simply start singing together. The immunity-boosting health benefits are just an added bonus. :)

#7 Watermelon

One good way of keeping cool during summer is enjoy watermelon. It’s delicious, healthy and rich in elements like potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. For an efficient immune system, watermelon should must be included in your diet. Watermelon is in season right now so take advantage of that. If you want, you can blend the fruit into a juice, freeze the fruit to make sorbet or include it in fresh fruit and veggie salads.

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