As the Coronavirus disease continues its relentless march all over the world, we in India are forced indoors with a 21-day COVID-19 lockdown. Staying home is the best thing to do under the circumstances, given that there are rising incidences of positive Coronavirus cases in the country. Staying safely indoors with the family is the best prevention against the Coronavirus infection.

But now that you are at home why not give the house a thorough scrub? Keeping the house clean and well-ventilated will help your home repel viruses and microbes, too. Here’s how you spring clean the house with your family:

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Make It Fun: – set time targets and rewards. Most homes don’t get cleaned thoroughly because family members keep putting off what is seen as a boring task. And it is quite dull, especially if there is no incentive except for a relatively cleaner home. So when you decide to spring clean the house with your family, ensure that it is a fun family activity and not just a chore. Set time targets per task, and whoever completes the task before the target gets to pick a fun indoor activity, such as watching a movie, or cooking together, or playing a board game. This way, the cleaning is done quickly and in a spirit of friendly competition.

Let Every Person Clean Their Room: It is always a problem when one person puts another’s belongings away or arranges a desk such that the desk’s owner cannot find anything later. Each of us likes our stuff arranged and stored a certain way because it makes sense to us. So when spring cleaning the house, let every person clean up their room and empty their own drawers and closets.

Disinfect Everything: The Coronavirus infection spreads from human to human by touching contaminated surfaces, or by being in the vicinity of an infected person sneezing or coughing. Though nobody in your house has the Coronavirus signs and symptoms, it helps to keep the house as sanitary as possible. Scrub the floors and all hard surfaces (metal, plastic, rubber) with disinfectant liquid. Use strong cleaners to sanitise doorknobs, taps, tabletops, counters, bathroom surfaces, etc. Coronavirus prevention is important because there is no cure yet.

Cook What Is About to Perish: When cleaning out the refrigerator or emptying out the kitchen cabinets, you will find vegetables, fruit or processed food that is near its expiration date. If these can be consumed, do use them in your next meal. If not, take a garbage bag and throw away all the wet waste separately.

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Donate What You Don’t Need: When you clean, you will find that there are clothes, shoes, bags and other personal items that you are never going to use. Instead of blocking space in your wardrobe, you should discard all these items. You will be amazed at how much space you end up with when you do so, and the discarded items can help a person in need. Do get in touch with local NGOs and charities that are out to help migrants and others who are moving back to their hometowns. Your belongings can help another person in many ways.

Once it is all over, take a shower with warm water and antibacterial soap. After the shower, disinfect your hands with sanitiser or hand soap – you can never be too careful with the Coronavirus disease!

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