These are uncertain and unusual times as we come together (while staying at home) to fight against the novel coronavirus. India is currently placed under a coronavirus lockdown till 3rd May, and it is imperative that we adopt all the precautionary measures to stay safe and healthy. This is also the time to appreciate all those around us and make sure they know you are there for them, especially older adults -- parents, neighbours, friends, and relatives.

As we all know, having a strong immune system means suffering only minor symptoms of the virus, but not everyone is that fortunate. By the time you reach a certain age, the immune system becomes weaker and is affected even more if you or someone you know is suffering from an existing respiratory disease, cancer or diabetes. Senior citizens are most at risk of suffering severe symptoms, and that is why extra care should be given towards their safety and health.

Here are some tips to make sure that senior citizens stay safe and healthy during the lockdown:

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#1 Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy

It is essential for older adults to stay on track with their meals. Most of these meals are followed by consuming medicine that helps in keeping their health in check. Basic supplies and groceries are proving to be slightly difficult to procure during the coronavirus lockdown but, simple homemade and fresh meals are vital in maintaining good health.

#2 Check on Them Daily

Are you staying away from your parents or grandparents? That can be a cause of stress if anyone is suffering from a pre-existing ailment and you are unable to be with them physically. In such situations, make sure to check in on them every day, maybe even multiple times in a day! Also, why just your parents or grandparents? If there are any senior citizens residing in the vicinity, make sure to offer them a lending hand while they stay home and to let them know that they can reach out to you if they require anything or in case of an accident or emergency.

#3 A Little Exercise Goes a Long Way

The home quarantine is difficult for each and every individual. But there are many practices or activities one can adopted to stay healthy and happy. May it be a child or a senior citizen, exercise is a must. For older adults, basic exercises such as just walking around the house or stretching can also prove helpful. Keep the limbs active and functioning to maintain a healthier body and immune system.

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#4 Keep Them Engaged

While exercise keeps seniors fit physically, some activities should be put into place to keep them mentally engaged as well. Watching something of their choice on television, playing games like Ludo, Sudoku, Crossword puzzles or even simply engaging in conversations with them can keep them happy and that goes a long way in keeping them safe and healthy during the coronavirus lockdown.

#5 A Plan of Action, Just in Case

Stay prepared and have a ‘Plan B’ or a backup in case a senior citizen in your family or vicinity feels poorly. Make sure that all their medicines are easily available to them and that the doctor is just a call away from assessing the situation and accordingly prescribing a course of treatment. In case hospitalization is the need of the hour, have a mode of transportation that can make it easier to help out the person during the coronavirus lockdown.

As much as possible, senior citizens are advised to stay home and stay safe. The virus turns severe for those with a compromised immune system. So, let’s make it a point to take care of seniors in our family and in our area.

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