India is an incredible place – the sheer diversity with respect to food, language, landscape and so many other things, all melted into a homogenous culture that’s like no other. For most of us, getting up close and personal with nature, letting go of all the stress we face in our professional lives is probably the most important part of a holiday. At the same time, sampling multi-cultural cuisine and experience exotic cultures floats by our alley too. For all of this, Baiguney is an incredible destination.

Located in Sikkim, at the cusp of Northern India’s lush green fertile plains and the North-East with its unique and sadly, far unexplored culture and tradition, it’s a place like no other. Baiguney perfectly captures this sentiment; full of lush greenery, intimidating mountains and gushing river waters, it’s a vacation spot that entices you like no other. For nature lovers, it’s really a haven as the fresh air is truly refreshing and the breathtaking views of rivers and snow-capped mountains are inspiring to say the least. And for the adventure junkies, water rafting on the river Ranjeet, trekking and camping around the Baiguney area is an exhilarating experience to say the least.

Apart from enjoying Baiguney’s scenic beauty, you can visit monasteries, tea gardens and also try different types of cuisine.

Amazing Sights

Two of the major tourist attractions here are Chakung and Phur Tsa Chu. Chakung offers a stunning view of Mt. Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain, and perhaps the most perilous mountain to summit in the world. If you are someone who enjoys this, you should definitely visit Pelling where you can see Kanchenjunga in her full glory.

On the other hand, Phur Tsa Chu is a hot spring that is a popular pilgrimage site, especially during the January to March period. The Temi Tea Gardens produce one of India’s finest brews and the iconic Tibetan monasteries and Kali temple of Kalimpong are also reasons enough for you to visit Baiguney. Namchi, home to the old Ngadak Monastery, boasts of the spectacular Rock Garden.

The Khecheopalri lake, locals believe makes wishes come true. This lake is of religious significance to Buddhists and Hindus alike. A 135 feet-high statue of Guru Padamasambhava, the highest in the world, is located in Samdrupste.

Foodie’s paradise

Like most Indian places with a lot of history, Baiguney has a unique cuisine. An interesting aspect to note is that it’s a blend of Tibetan, Nepalese and Indian preparations. Gyakho, a traditional soup made with meat and vegetables, and boiled over a charcoal stove, is something you must try and so is Pakku, which is nothing but mutton curry served with rice.

If you wish to give your palate a true taste of local flavour, you must have Chaangisa, a mild alcohol made from cereals like finger millet, rice, barley or wheat. Momos, popularized all over India by roadside stalls and even mainstream restaurants originated here.

Reaching Baiguney:

Baiguney is 97 kilometres from Siliguri in West Bengal. Siliguri is an important town because it serves as the most popular place that links West Bengal and in turn, the rest of India to Sikkim and Darjeeling. The nearest airport is located at Bagdogra, at 120 kilometres. The nearest railway station, West Bengal’s New Jalpaiguri, is also 120 kilometres away.


Club Mahindra Baiguney:

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