Each Club Mahindra resort is unique in its own way, bringing forth the cultural flavours in small ways. To provide you with an abundantly fulfilling experience, every resort is designed to offer you with several unparalleled recreation activities and workshops, which differ according to the location of the resorts. Let us take you through a tour of Club Mahindra’s unique resort offerings.


Grand mountains and rich meadows are the major attractions for every visitor at Manali. The spacious Club Mahindra Manali resort is situated in the heart of rosy apple orchards, offering its guests with foot-stopping sights of the hillsides, complimented with occasional herd and abundant fields.

A) Must-see destinations

Manali has plethora of sight-seeing destinations and fascinations tours including Rohtang tour, Manikaran tour, Temple tour, Naggar tour, Janna waterfall, Bijli Mahdev tour, and Prashar lake.

B) Speciality Dishes

You can feast yourself to local dishes like Prini Tawa Tali Trout, Kale Chana Ka Khatta, Rajmah Madra, Pahari Meat, Himachali Dhaam with Natti.  

C) Outdoor activities

The Club Mahindra Manali resort has arranged a variety of activities throughout the week for its members. 


10:00 am— Paintball Target Shooting.

11:00 am— Little artist - Shell Bound.

12:00 pm— Salsa Dance Class.                                           

02:00 pm— Family Movie show.

04:00 pm— Towel Origami Art.

04:30 pm— Signature Hunt.

05:30 pm— T.T. Tournament

06:00 pm— One Minute Games

07:30 pm— Karaoke Night with Newspaper Hungama



10:00 am— Morning Trek.

11:00 am— Little artist- Hobby Family

12:00 pm— Guitar Class

02:00 pm— Kids Movie show.

04:00 pm— Napkin Folding Session

04:30 pm— Fire Scavenger Hunt.

05:30 pm— Carom Tournament

06:00 pm— Drawing Contest.

07:30 pm— Quiz Night with Games



10:00 am— Kids Picnic.

11:00 am— Little artist - Folk Fusion.

12:00 pm— Basket the ball contest

02:00 pm— Karaoke Afternoon.

04:00 pm— Tattoo Session.

04:30 pm— Nature Hunt

05:30 pm— Pool Tournament

06:00 pm— Lawn Games.

07:30 pm— Party Games



10:00 am—River Side Night Camping.

11:00 am— Little artist - Finger Painting.

12:00 pm— Salsa Dance Class.

02:00 pm— Family Movie show.

04:00 pm— Happy Hour.

04:30 pm— Memory Contest.

05:30 pm— Chess Tournament.

06:00 pm— Balloon Hungama. 

  07:30 pm— Carnival Night & DJ.



10:00 am— One Day Hiking.

11:00 am— Little artist - Coasters.

12:00 pm— Guitar Class.

02:00 pm— Kids Movie show.

04:00 pm— Minute to win it.

04:30 pm— Treasure Hunt.

05:30 pm—T.T. Tournament.

06:00 pm— Dog & the Bone.

 07:30 pm— Himachali Nati



10:00 am— River Rafting.

11:00 am— Little artist - Mask Art.

12:00 pm— Kids dance class.

02:00 pm— One Minute Games.

04:00 pm— Mock tail class.

04:30 pm— Musical Games.

05:30 pm— Air hockey Contest.

06:00 pm— Handwriting Contest. 

07:30 pm— Family Get-together.



10:00 am— Live Fish Pedicure.

11:00 am— Little artist - Tera Art.

12:00 pm— Happy Hours.

02:00 pm— Family Movie show.

04:00 pm— Chef Session.

04:30 pm— Nature Hunt.

05:30 pm— Carom Tournament.

06:00 pm— Essay writing.

 07:30 pm— Talent Night.


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