About Street Art Festivals

Modern-day street art festivals have had a long-drawn and a rather controversial back-story. The earliest form of street art was predominantly graffiti that could be seen on the walls of buildings, below bridges, on the sides of buses, trains and on subways. The first sightings of instances of graffiti could be traced back to the 1920s and 1930s New York City from where it slowly travelled to the rest of the world in the decades to follow as a populous art culture movement and also an anti-establishment protest movement from the lower rungs of the society. In the beginning, it was considered as vandalism or as destroying public property, but nowadays mostly, graffiti art is gaining recognition in media and art culture but it is still in many parts of the society considered as anti-establishment.

 By the time the street art festival had reached the 21st century, it had already undergone complex changes and other kinds of interdisciplinary artistic expression trends to carve a niche for itself in contemporary art forms. To give street art forms its due recognition, many street art festivals are often held globally from time to time.

In India, some famous street art festivals are Shillong Street Art Festival, Start India Foundation, Delhi, Bengaluru International Art Festival and Kala Ghoda Festival Mumbai.

What is Kala Ghoda Arts Festival?

The Indian art scene is one that showcases in all its glory a myriad of folk music, colours and different aspects of Indian culture in unique ways. The result is a spellbinding artistic creation worthy of admiration by people of all ages that have the gift and ability to realise the aesthetic potential. 

Such is the case with the Kala Ghoda Festival which is a celebration of creative license in the form of the grand festival that spans over nine days in the South of Mumbai in the Kala Ghoda district. This region is already noted for its artistic ambience due to the presence of the Prince of Wales Museum and the Gallery of Modern Art and is highly recommended by art enthusiasts as one of the most popular places to visit in Mumbai. This art festival has become a customary affair, and the upcoming festival is slated to be held between the 5th of February and the 13th of February 2022 and is in its 17th running year now.

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival About Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

About Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

If you are wondering what makes this annual festival so compelling and why you should visit this Kala Ghoda Art Festival 2022, then you should know that this festival is listed as one of the best things to do in Mumbai especially if you are visiting the city in the month of February.

The name of the festival has been inspired by the ancient equestrian statue of King Edward VII, which was centrally located on the old Esplanade Road. Although the statue no longer exists in the very spot, the area has become colloquially recognised as the Kala Ghoda district, a constant reminder of the public property and the historical significance with India.

The district today has become known as the cultural quarters of the city dotted by the many art exhibition centres and museums. If you ever want to have a cultural rendezvous with the city, then the Kala Ghoda district is one of the best places to visit in Mumbai. Out of all the cultural attractions in that area, the Kala Ghoda Festival is the most famous where every year, many craftspeople, artists and performers gather to showcase the best of their talent from across social strata.

It is an annual festival held only in the month of February that upholds India’s multiculturalism at its peak. Art lovers and art connoisseurs from across the globe flock to the city of Mumbai to be a part of this diverse cultural celebration.

The various segments of the festival include music, visual arts, literature, cinema, workshops, urban design, heritage walks and architecture. There are sections for children and stalls displaying myriad eco-friendly showpieces and utilities for the climate-conscious.

The entry to the festival area is free for all, so the event is funded through corporate sponsorship. The Kala Ghoda Festival has been brought in a revolutionary wave throughout the city and the country to organise similar art festivals during this time of the year when the weather is pleasant and the sun shines affectionately and sets early. The various other festivals held simultaneously throughout Mumbai include Kitab Festival, Bandra Festival and Mumbai Festival.

People who love to eat would also be elated to know that the Kala Ghoda district has a number of restaurants and cafes selling different cuisines. The perfect way to end the day at the Kala Ghoda Festival would be over a hot steaming cup of coffee or tea with some delicious food as you exchange thoughts with your friends or family members about what you witnessed at the festival.

If you love and appreciate art, then make sure to drop by at the Kala Ghoda Art Festival in Mumbai for a spellbinding display of Indian artistry. From theatre, street art and gothic art to literature, the Kala Ghoda Festival will definitely not disappoint you!

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