Mother Nature is full of surprises and has the power to create beauty out of chaos. Case in point, the Aurora Borealis. The world’s most beautiful celestial light show is a result of raging solar storms and humungous solar flares. The dancing pillars of light are mesmerising to watch and hypnotic in their sinuous beauty. They weave, jump, and take on various shapes, and play out a medley of colours. It is akin to watching a psychedelic light show on the biggest screen on earth. Its beauty is ethereal, and the experience is like none other in the world.

Winter is the time when the magic happens in the uppermost reaches of the Arctic Circle. The northernmost regions of Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland are the best places to catch the magic of Aurora Borealis. When most of Northern Europe experiences dark nights and the sun barely rises, the Northern Lights take over the skies and paint breath-takingly stunning pictures on the celestial canvas. You must experience its beauty at least once in your lifetime. Plan your next holiday to see the magic with your own eyes. Here’s how you can catch the most beautiful light show on earth.

North Is Where The Magic Is

There’s a reason the region between 65th and 72nd degree latitudes is called the “Northern Lights Belt”. This area has all the necessary ingredients in the right quantities to create the Aurora magic. The air is clear, and the light pollution is minimal. The Nordic countries of Iceland, Sweden, Norway, and Finland offer you the best seats in the house to catch the show. Pair your Aurora Borealis experience with an awesome holiday in these countries. Craft your itinerary with Club Mahindra. The Club Mahindra resorts in Sweden and resorts in Finland will welcome you and pamper you with their signature hospitality.

Aurora Borealis Club Mahindra resorts in Sweden and Finland

Club Mahindra Promises A Memorable International Holiday

The wild beauty of the Swedish Lapland and Finland’s forests, combined with the magic of the Northern Lights, provides a stunning background for your Nordic vacation. Snow rules the landscape in winter and cold reigns supreme. Club Mahindra resorts cocoon you in swathes of warmth. Partake in the local tradition of sauna and indulge yourself in the swirling hotness of a hot tub. Once you are warm enough, get ready for a range of exciting outdoor activities that include skiing, tobogganing, winter swimming, snowmobile rides, ice skating and ice fishing. But the best fun can be had in snowball fights.

Indoor activities include swimming, bowling, and water aerobics. All Club Mahindra resorts have a dedicated children’s play area. It includes their favourite activities and games and keeps the little ones busy when it gets too cold to venture outside. The other highlight of a Club Mahindra holiday in the Nordic regions is an eclectic curation of the local food favourites. Open a whole new world of smells, tastes and textures for your taste buds as you get your first taste of Finnish cuisine. Finnish folks like their food fresh and packed with nutrients. Join the local afficionados in culinary explorations.

Let The Show Begin…

But the highlight of your holiday will be the Northern Lights. Their other-worldly beauty will hypnotise you and take you on a colourful journey of peace and serenity. The wide-open night sky is a vast canvas illuminated by the luminous river of the Milky Way Galaxy as it stretches from one end to the other. This is the closest you can get to experience the vastness of our universe without blasting off into space. Then, as the celestial light show begins, the sky takes on different hues as the Aurora Borealis dances and pulsates in tune with the atmospheric storm.

Holiday in the Nordic regions Aurora Borealis is Mother Natures

How To Enjoy The Aurora Borealis In The Best Way Possible?

Before you enjoy the magnificent sights, here are a few things to keep in mind for the best viewing experience of the magical Northern Lights.

  • Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomenon which does not keep a fixed schedule. Check the weather forecast before leaving.
  • Be patient. Sometimes the lights take their own sweet time to appear. If the Norse Gods smile upon you, they will appear right on time.
  • Be ready to stay up late.
  • Dress for the weather, else the cold will distract you and prevent you from enjoying the show.
  • Get out of towns and cities to eliminate light pollution and maximise your viewing pleasure.
  • Book a tour. The local guides know the best places to see the light show. An organised tour has planned activities and refreshments to keep you entertained and warm while you wait.

The Aurora Borealis is Mother Nature’s artwork. Book your Club Mahindra holiday today and get ready to enjoy the live show.

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