It is one of the most mystical and attractive States in India. Ravishing Rajasthan holds a special place in the hearts of all past visitors. It is safe to say that the historic State exercises a rare spell on you – all you can do is go with the flow as you explore one magnificent city after another. Meanwhile, you can know a lot about its history, its many wonderful monuments, how it has blended its origins with modern day development, and so on.

Another great facet about Rajasthan is that every person, whatever their age or reason for visiting, will love it here. The land of the sand dunes and camels is enjoyable for all, and has something to suit every kind of traveller. You could be a honeymooner, or a solo backpacker, or part of a larger group travelling across the State. Rajasthan is a rare jewel in Indian tourism, and deserves multiple visits.

The Origins of Rajasthan – Its History and Present-Day Status

Rajasthan’s history is as colourful as the State itself – it is full of stories of valour, art, culture, education, battles fought amongst clans and against foreign invaders, palaces, forts, mysterious mansions, and so on. The best part is, Rajasthan has managed to maintain many of its historical landmarks to this day. Chief among these are the various palaces and forts built by a succession of Rajput and Mewari kings.

The word ‘Rajasthan’ is derived from the two Hindi words ‘Raja’ meaning ‘King’ and ‘Sthan’ which means ‘Land’. Literally, ‘Rajasthan’ means ‘Land of the Kings’. The sobriquet is well earned, too: right from the time of the famous Indus Valley Civilisation spanning Rajasthan and Gujarat to Independence, Rajasthan has given the country a succession of famous kings. The State is credited with important finds like rare tools dating back to the Harappan Civilisation, as well as the setting up of several universities and places of learning at the time of the Rajput and Mewar Kings.

Before the Mughals and the British entered the scene, Rajasthan was ruled by tribes like the Gurjars, Bishnois, Yadavs, Jats, Bhils, Meenas, Meghwals, Rajputs, Sainis and Sermals. All of them left a distinct mark on the history of the region, whether it be trade or architecture.

Geographically, Rajasthan is the largest Indian State and comprises such famous landmarks as the Thar Desert. Like a few other Indian territories it was merged into the Indian Republic in 1949, after the region’s rulers decided to align with India instead of remaining a sovereign State. Pre-Independence, it was one of the most important political and cultural centres for the British Raj in India.

Reasons to Visit Rajasthan

Anybody who knows even a little about this beautiful desert State will want to go to Rajasthan. We present a few reasons for you to consider going, in case you are still undecided:

* It is replete with history, and stunning monuments. Rajasthan holds the distinction of having the highest number of palaces and forts in the country. And many of them are in great condition, too. Not only are some of these forts impregnable, but the palaces were created in local Rajasthani architectural style, with some crafted in Mughal styles as well. They are truly representative of the rulers of their time, and the cultural influences that followed.

* Check out actual deserts. If your only experience with deserts thus far has been from watching them on your TV screen, then a trip to Rajasthan is in order to see them in reality. The great Thar Desert is here, as are smaller deserts in cities like Jaisalmer and Bikaner. You can take a desert safari in Jaisalmer, which is a beautiful desert that the whole family will enjoy. Be sure to wrap your skin in cotton clothing, including your face, when you set out. There is also a famous desert festival in January and February every year in Jaisalmer every year, which is the best time to visit Rajasthan.

* Get up to speed on the wildlife. You will be left astounded at the variety of wildlife in Rajasthan. Peacocks are commonplace in many places, but there are some large zoos and wildlife sanctuaries to look at as well. You can visit these in places like Jaisalmer, Kota, Kumbhalgarh, Ranthambore, and Alwar. Your children will love these excursions – the best time to visit Rajasthan for its wildlife is at the start of the winter months, in October or November.

* Eat some astonishingly wholesome food. Rajasthan will astound you with its food. The locals are hearty eaters, and thalis with every kind of food with every food group are commonplace across homes. The food is prepared in response to the seasonal variations, and a lot of ghee and milk is used in the cooking to provide energy and reduce the body temperature. There is a lot of use of beans, dried lentils, gram flour, ghee and jowar in cooking. You and your loved ones will enjoy both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Some dishes to eat in restaurants in Rajasthan are laal maas, dal bati churma and khargosh, among many other dishes.

The Best Time to Visit Rajasthan

It is not always easy to predict the best time to visit Rajasthan. The decision cannot be made lightly – what works for you might not work for another! There really isn’t a generic approach to this issue, so let’s break it down season-wise:

* Summer: The summer season is the most brutal in Rajasthan. The day time temperatures may routinely go over 40⁰C and the air is extremely dry. The dreaded hot and dry winds that blow from the desert towards the mainland are witnessed during this time. Most visitors report dehydration, skin rashes, digestive issues and even vision problems in the harsh sunlight and arid climate. Though there are tourists during this time as well, it is often not the best time to visit Rajasthan if the hot weather conditions are going to bother you or your loved ones. You should wait for the latter half of the year to visit.

* Monsoon: Rajasthan does not experience a heavy monsoon season, but this time of the year is normally not preferred by many tourists. As a result, many adventure activities and even cultural events are not held during this time. However, most of the tourist spots are open. On the upside, you are likely to find flight tickets and Rajasthan resort bookings quite easily during this time. Even tariffs in restaurants and hotels might be lower.

* Winter: Being a desert State, Rajasthan shows extremes of temperature. The scorching summer in the months of March to June, gives way to a chilly winter in the months of November to February. It is not uncommon for the mercury to dip below 0⁰C during the severe winter months. However, the start of winter in October is the best time to visit Rajasthan. However, the start of the winter is also the peak tourist season here, so you might have to book your flights and resort at least two months in advance to avoid a last minute disappointment.

How to reach Rajasthan

Rajasthan is well connected to the rest of the country, via air, road and railway. It has an international airport at Jaipur, apart from domestic airports at Udaipur and Jodhpur. Meanwhile, you can take a bus or car to your destination city in Jodhpur, and even a train. Be sure to check an updated Rajasthan tourism guide for the exact routes and train schedules.

The Places to Visit In Rajasthan

The following is only a brief guide on what to visit in Rajasthan, to get you started on your itinerary:

City Palace Complex in Udaipur
Ranthambore National Park
Mehrangarh Fort in Udaipur
Karni Mata Temple in Bikaner
Shekhawati Art District
Mount Abu
Keoladev Ghana National Park in Bharatpur
Pushkar Camel Fair
Jaisalmer Fort
Jaipur, the Pink City
The Jodhpur palaces
Amber Palace
Hawa Mahal
Jaigarh Fort
Saheliyon ki Bari, a famous stepwell
Jaipur’s Albert Museum
Jal Mahal
Jantar Mantar
Fateh Prakash Palace
Jhalana Leopard Conservation Centre
Kumbhalgarh Fort
Lake Pichola
Sajjangarh Fort and Palace
Maharana Pratap Memorial
Vintage Car Museum
Jaisamand Lake
Bishnoi Village
Umaid Bhavan Palace
Jaswant Thada
Mandore Garden
Balsamand Lake
Kuldhara Village, a famous haunted village in Rajasthan
Gadsisar Lake
Jaisalmer War Museum

Where to Stay In Rajasthan

Now that you are aware of the places to visit in Rajasthan, it is time to book yourself into the best Rajasthan resort. We recommend the different Club Mahindra resorts in Rajasthan – choose from Club Mahindra properties at Pratap Niwas Jodhpur, Mansingh Towers Jaipur and Udaipur. With luxurious rooms, state-of-the-art amenities, recreation space and activities for children, spa and fitness centres and also the most amazing restaurants in Rajasthan, you will love every minute of your stay in any of these properties. Book yourself for a Rajasthan vacation of a lifetime, and feel right at home with Club Mahindra.


Q: Which is the most beautiful city in Rajasthan?

All of Rajasthan’s cities and towns are beautiful in their own way. However, most visitors attest to the beauty of Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer.

Q: Which is the most beautiful place in Rajasthan?

That is a question with no single or simple answer! It depends on what you mean by ‘beautiful’ – it can mean verdant scenery, or monuments, or public gardens, or old palaces. And Rajasthan has plenty of all these and more!

Q: How many days are required for Rajasthan tour?

You cannot do all of Rajasthan quickly. The State is geographically quite vast, and you will have to pick a city or two before you proceed. If you plan your itinerary well, then a week per city are sufficient.

Q: Is it good to visit Rajasthan in December?

Yes, it is. But be prepared for chilly evenings and nights. The temperature in the night often hovers between 2⁰C to 5⁰C, and it can become bothersome if you suffer from joint aches and pains. Also, some mornings might be too cold to venture out.

Q: How is the weather in Rajasthan in January?

Rajasthan experiences winter season from November to February. January is considered peak winter season, so the weather is quite cold and dry.

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