Located in the Servaroyan Hills, Yercaud in Tamil Nadu is also called the ‘Jewel of the South’. It is one of the finest hill stations in southern India and the perfect spot for a family vacation. Home to coffee, spice plantations, as well as orange orchards, it has gained immense popularity as one of the best options for a weekend family getaway from Bangalore. It is seen that about 60% of the tourists that visit Yercaud over the weekend hail from Bangalore.

While it is true that Yercaud is a beautiful place to visit all year round, each season has its own significance and unique experiences to offer. So, whether you are planning a weekend getaway or a long family vacation to Yercaud, here’s everything you need to know about the different seasons in Yercaud and the best of attractions and things to do in Yercaud during each season.

October To June: The Best Time To Visit Yercaud

The period from October to June is considered the best time to visit Yercaud. This is because the weather gets quite chilly towards the end of the year and this can be a welcome relief from the heat and pollution of city life.

March to June is when some of the lively festivals and traditional cultural events take place in Yercaud. Two of the most popular festivals are celebrated during this time: the Summer Tourist Festival and the Servaroyan Temple Festival, both taking place during the month of May. During the rains, the hill station becomes lush and turn green as far as the eyes can see. It paints a very romantic picture.

Yercaud in The Monsoon (July to September)

This is the best time to visit Yercaud for people who love rains. During the monsoon season, the temperature remains between 20 °C and 25 °C. During these months, the Yercaud climate is humid but not as sticky as you may experience in the plains. The forests, hills, and gardens become stunningly green for a picture-perfect family picnic.

Experiences and things to do

• Visit Kiliyur Falls; located about 4 km from the Big Lake, it is a sight to behold during the monsoons.

• During the monsoon months the gardens turn into a cosy and romantic affair as you are surrounded by the surreal beauty of nature. With the fog and an overcast sky, it almost feels like walking through clouds.

• Visit Lady’s Seat for some mesmerising views of the town and the surrounding hills.

Yercaud In Winter (November to February)

In winters, the temperature can drop to 10 °C, so be sure to bring your winter clothes. The weather is just right for outdoor activities. You can walk, hike, camp, and be one with nature. The climate is perfect to check out sights in and around Yercaud.

Experiences And Things To Do

• While Kiliyur Falls is best experienced during the monsoons, post-monsoon is a perfect time to trek the path adjacent to the cascades to reach the bottom of the falls.

• A visit to the hilltop Servaroyan Temple is not just for spiritual souls; the misty, cloud-covered views from here just after the monsoons are unparalleled.

• Drive along the 32 km loop road; it’s one of the most scenic roads in the area and offers views of plantations and gardens as you glide past wilderness and hamlets.

Yercaud In Summer (March to June)

Summers in Yercaud can be fun too, for it is the perfect time for sightseeing, immersing in the native culture, and enjoying local delicacies. During this period, the temperature remains between 24 °C and 28 °C. The weather is mild and far from humid. There is a slight nip in the air, which is what makes the place a perfect summer getaway.

Experiences And Things To Do


• The May Summer Festival lasts between four and seven days and has something for everyone in the family. One can witness flower shows, boat races, dog shows, and a peek into the local customs and traditions.

• Summer makes for an ideal time to go boating and enjoy the vistas around the Big Lake, also known as Emerald Lake.

• Head to Pagoda Point during sunrise or sunset for the best view of Salem and the surrounding hills.

In the last few years, Yercaud has gained popularity as a vacation destination for people in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. If you are planning a family vacation down south, a trip to Yercaud is a must. From local cuisines to historic locations, amazing resorts and a national park, Yercaud has a lot to offer every member of your family.

Accommodation In Yercaud

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So get out your travel diary and start planning. Bond with your family and make beautiful memories in Yercaud on your next vacation! Yercaud is one of the best places to visit in Tamil Nadu. Get a detailed information about Tamil Nadu tourism such as best time to visit, places to visit and things to do in Tamil Nadu.

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