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Surrounded by lovely waterfalls, scenic landscapes, tea and coffee plantations, and exotic wildlife lies the land of paddy fields, Wayanad. It is a diverse district that houses people from varied cultural and religious backgrounds, which has resulted in the celebration of many colourful festivals. One of them is Karthigai.

Karthigai is a very popular festival in Kerala that is celebrated with great enthusiasm and grandeur. Most Malayali houses commemorate it as the ‘Festival of Lights’. In Wayanad, each temple organises a bonfire and families carry a torch made of palm leaves. Later, all futile items are collected and burnt in this fire, after which each family takes a ‘chootu’ leaf and carries it home.

This festival is celebrated in the month of ‘Karttikai’ that usually falls somewhere between mid-November and mid-December. The lamp lit during this occasion is considered an auspicious symbol and is believed to ward off the dark, or evil. This is the only festival of lights celebrated in Malayali households and it surely illuminates this little hill station in a magical way.

Festival of Lights

One of the things that makes this festival so charming and joyful is the food and beverage prepared specially for the occasion. Some of the food items include rava appam, peanut laddu, milk kesari, and poha sheera, along with several other delicacies.

Apart from Karthigai, there is another local festivals of Wayanad called ‘Thirunelli’ that is celebrated in Wayanad with equal enthusiasm. It is a two-day festival and is observed on Vishu day. This land of scenic beauty celebrates such local festivals around the year, which gives tourists an incredible insight into the life of those living in this region.

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