“The weekend getaway at Arookutty Resort was an enriching experience that beautifully encapsulated the spirit of a relaxed, rejuvenating holiday.” Avantika Gohre shares her firsthand experience at the resort, a place she describes as not far from her home but worth every moment of the journey due to its unique offerings.

Experiences of Avantika Gohre

Upon arrival, the lush surroundings and calming ambiance of the resort were immediate highlights. The warm welcome extended by the staff and their attentiveness made Avantika and her family feel they were well taken care of from the very beginning. They ensured that every need was met, starting from room preferences to food customization. Special accommodations were made for their elderly companions, with priority given to rooms on the lower floors, a thoughtful gesture that resonated deeply with the family.

During the stay, the resort's recreational facilities became a significant part of the experience. Avantika enjoyed the outdoor activities, like playing badminton, which added an element of fun and relaxation. She also admired the natural beauty of the place, particularly the fish she spotted in the resort's pond, adding a touch of wonder to her stay.

Cuisine experience: 

One of the most memorable moments, however, was indulging in the local cuisine. The Kerala-style fish she tasted was delightful, with rich flavours that left a lasting impression. The resort ensured a gastronomic journey that was both authentic and enjoyable. The kitchen staff was considerate, providing delicious options that met the family's preferences and dietary needs.

Avantika emphasizes how the resort's commitment to guest safety and well-being stood out during the trip. It allowed her family to fully immerse themselves in the tranquil surroundings, knowing that they were in good hands. This feeling of security was particularly appreciated because of the elderly members of their group.

The Arookutty Resort experience was a refreshing break from routine, offering Avantika and her family an opportunity to unwind in a beautiful setting while still feeling connected to the familiar comforts of home. The combination of attentive service, engaging activities, and delicious food created an atmosphere where they could relax, explore, and enjoy quality time together.

About Arookutty Resort:

At Club Mahindra Arookutty, you'll discover a harmonious blend of recreation and relaxation in an atmosphere imbued with spirituality. Each experience is thoughtfully designed, drawing inspiration from nature, the local community, and the vibrant people. Savor delicious cuisine, explore artistic crafts, and embark on enchanting cruises—an array of exciting adventures awaits!

Avantika highly recommends this gem of a resort for anyone seeking a serene escape. Whether it's a leisure-filled weekend or a longer stay, the combination of natural beauty, personalized service, and ample recreational opportunities make it a destination worth revisiting. The memories they created on this trip have already found a cherished place on their travel wall and will surely inspire future visits to this haven of tranquillity.

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