When you are in “God’s Own Country”, it is no easy task to single out the most beautiful part of the state. No matter where you stand, you will find yourself surrounded by layered landscapes, gleaming backwaters, and slender trees that kiss the sky and sway with the wind. However, with its Neolithic caves and lush forestlands, Wayanad comfortably qualifies for the coveted label.

Deep within this north-eastern district, embraced by thick plantations that run for miles in every direction, lies Vythiri Village Resort in Wayanad. This Club Mahindra affiliate Wayanad resort is situated near Vythiri Town and is a beloved destination for tourists from all over the country. Along with stunning views of the hillside, the resort also offers expansive rooms, an open-air swimming pool, a wellness spa, and an opulent restaurant serving the best of local and international cuisine. In essence, it serves the kind of grand-yet-peaceful holiday experience that your family deserves.

Just ask Mr. Rajeesh Malayil, one of our valued guests. Speaking about his family’s experience during their stay at this resort in Wayanad, he said:

                                                          Very welcoming staff, great location and food. Lots of activities to do

                                                            within the resort. The climate was cool, and the breakfast was too good.

                                                           The tandoori chef requires special mention for providing those soft naans

                                                                  during lunch. We liked the waterfall and the indoor games.”

Another guest, Mr. Varun M, also spent a memorable time at the Wayanad resort with his family. This is what he had to say about his stay:

                                                          “It is a beautiful place in an equally beautiful location. The service is

                                                            amazing and so is the food. My family and I had an amazing time and

                                                            were never bored as there were numerous activities like archery, zip-lining,

                                                              and even an artificial waterfall, which was super fun.

                                                               Thank you so much Vythiri Village for this amazing holiday!”

Ms. Kinjal S left her kind review shortly after her visit to the Wayanad resort, and in her Club Mahindra feedback, she said:

                                                          “Anybody who is planning to explore Wayanad must choose Vythiri Village.

                                                           Everything is perfect in terms of food, service, staff, support, and rooms,

                                                            which are extremely spacious. They have maintained the nature of Wayanad

                                                             in the resort very well. Go for it, travellers.”

Elaborating on the peace and serenity that defines the aura of the Wayanad resort, one of our esteemed customers wrote:

                                                          “We wanted to relax and take a break from our hectic schedules.

                                                           Our stay at Vythiri Village didn’t disappoint us. It was so pleasant,

                                                           we had our own little family time. The service was also quite comfortable.

                                                           The surroundings were so calm and cool. I would surely recommend this to

                                                                                                my friends.”

The Club Mahindra reviews about Vythiri Village do a wonderful job of capturing what our staff strives to offer to our members. If you are travelling to Kerala with your family and would like an unforgettable vacation that is worth every penny, book your stay at Vythiri Village Resort and experience Wayanad in its complete, unspoiled glory.

lake in Wayanad

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