As diverse as India is in terms of culture, clothing and food, it is even more diverse in terms of landscape and seasons. India experiences an array of seasons, with weather varying from one end to the other end of the country. Typically, winter lasts from December to March, summer from April to June, Monsoon from July until September and October and November bring with them a slightly cooler climate, which most resembles autumn. But here is the unique thing about India: there is a destination for every season!

At Club Mahindra, you can vacation throughout the year, no matter the weather. How? A customised season calendar has been designed for members. So, whenever you want to pack your bags and head on a vacation, your Club Mahindra membership has you covered.

The year is divided into four colour-coded seasons:

• Purple - It is an all-encompassing season that gives you the privilege to enjoy family vacation irrespective of other factors like weather, events, and festivals. Want to travel during the non-peak season? In the mood for a getaway in the middle of your work week? Want to spend a special day like New Year’s Eve away from home? The purple season has you covered.

• Red – Vacation away in your favourite parts of India during non-peak seasons. Beat the crowds and enjoy tranquillity and serenity. The Red season allows you to see a different side of the place you visit. Whether it's the monsoon season in Goa or winter in Kashmir, the red season ensures you have an excellent vacation.

• White – Do you want to enjoy your family vacation without flocks of tourists? Then the White Club Mahindra membership season is for you. Not only do you get to go on a vacation but avoid peak times like school holidays so that you can enjoy the attractions better.

• Blue – If you are one of those travellers who seek complete bliss and relaxation during your vacation, then the apt Club Mahindra membership season for you is Blue. This season ensures that you steer clear of tourists and peak seasons and enjoy the true essence of the place you visit.

Pick anytime of the year and Club Mahindra will have the ideal vacation planned for you!


Planning a winter getaway? The Rann Utsav in Rann of Kutch, Gujarat should definitely on top of your list. The desert calms down during the winter and it is easier to explore as well. Further north, Auli and Rishikesh in Uttarakhand offer the cool mountain air in chilly winter evenings. Down south, you can visit Wayanad and Munnar and opt for adventurous treks to explore nature’s beauty. You will also be able to explore the tea plantations in this season.

Travel anytime of the year with your Red Season membership of Club Mahindra. But winters are ideal because they are peak seasons for many destinations but aren’t as crowded. It’s not the super peak periods, so it is ideal.


Summer brings soaring temperatures and hot, humid winds with it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t explore the country. Plan a trip to Ladakh and Leh for a fantastic time in the mountains. Or, you can plan a vacation to Manali, where mountain lovers love to visit. If you are looking for a peaceful vacation, go further east and explore the seven sisters when you visit Shillong in Meghalaya, Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh or tour the entire state of Sikkim.

Those who want to have a purple season membership of Club Mahindra can close their eyes and travel during summers. It’s the perfect time to experience all that the place has to offer.


Goa, the place everyone goes to for a fun time is the perfect destination for monsoon! If you are looking for a truly unique family holiday, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands can be the perfect getaway for you. On the islands, you can go snorkelling, parasailing, swim with the elephants, and even witness bioluminescence on the island. Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu is also a great holiday destination.

Monsoon is when you have unique experiences and that’s what the Club Mahindra Blue Season is all about. Pick your desired location during monsoon and use your Blue Season membership of Club Mahindra and go on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday. Everyone’s seen a destination in its peak season; monsoon lets you unveil its new side.


The months of October and November are cool weather wise. So if you are intent on packing your bags for a family holiday, head to Coorg. The mountain town of Coorg is especially appealing to coffee fanatics because of its vast coffee plantations. Don’t forget to book a coffee estate tour! If you want to head north, the city of Pushkar is waiting for you, with its location right by the picturesque Pushkar Lake. Another offbeat destination for the autumn season is the Lakshadweep Island. White sand, endless beaches and the perfect weather are waiting to welcome you to the islands for a laid-back vacation.

Embark on the perfect relaxing family vacation during autumn with the White season membership of Club Mahindra. You can enjoy your vacation as Club Mahindra resorts are less crowded and the surroundings are filled with serenity. Also, read through these Club Mahindra reviews & get a sneak peek of what members have to say about their stay at Club Mahindra resorts.

The diverse country of India is a gold mine for adventurers and explorers. Even its own citizens have rarely been able to explore the country in its entirety. Travelling within India is usually not as expensive as travelling abroad. The natural beauty in the country, the national parks, flora and fauna can give international destinations a run for their money. So come explore the mountains, beaches, deserts, plains and plateaus, all in one beautiful country, India.

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