So, you have become a new parent and one of the advices you may be getting is no more adult getaways. Or other advice you may hear is that you can at most visit a theme park. Know that they are all wrong. Travelling with kids can seem like a challenging task but it is not so. In fact, travelling with young children can be one of the most magical experiences you can have with your family. 

You must consider travelling with young children. The trip would act as a genuine education for kids. India is a country rich in beauty, culture, history, and religion and full of incredible people and delicious food. While you may avoid uncomfort during your travel, you can get a bit uncomfortable and witness how tough and adaptable your kids can be.

If you are ready to try something different and have an adventurous experience after being a new parent, get ready to get rid of the myths about travelling with kids. 

The myths about travelling with young children, debunked

Below are some of the myths about travelling with kids, debunked: 

  • Kids won't remember any place they visit, then why take them 

Children would not recall many of the activities we do with them later. But even when toddlers have books read to them or are taken to music lessons that they don't completely understand, the activities are beneficial for their development and foster strong parent-child relationships. Travel is nothing different. 

Even when young children may not recall their first few family vacations, getting exposed to novel things or being in a new environment is beneficial for their development. Also, travelling together with their family gives kids a chance to bond and experience the joys of travel.

Even if you are travelling with older kids and teenagers who struggle to express gratitude, every journey has an ability to alter their viewpoints on people, culture, and the environment while forging precious family memories for them. 

  • Family travel costs a lot 

Yes, family vacations can be a costly affair. They are definitely more expensive than vacations you took as a couple. The first step for any holiday is to decide on the place you wish to go and the time when you want to go. Of course, Paris in the summer won’t be a great option when you are on a tight budget but there are many other less expensive holidays you can plan.

You have to plan your holiday wisely. Airfare and lodging make up a majority of the family holiday cost but you can make the family travel affordable with good planning. Travelling by public transport can reduce your transportation costs. If you want to fly, you must choose an off-peak season for your holiday.

While you can stay in holiday rentals, lodges, or off-season hotels, a better option is to get Club Mahindra membership and stay at resorts by Club Mahindra spread across the country. 

  •  Theme parks make for the best destinations for families travelling 

The globe is a vast place to explore and theme parks can surely be a place with a lot of fun for kids. But kids can do something at every place they go. They can engage in activities like discovering nature to discovering culture in the museums or architectural monuments. Believe it or not but a trip to an art gallery has the capability to be your trip's high point! 

  • You have to carry a lot of gear while travelling with babies 

Infants need a variety of supplies and tools, which is a fact. But the good news is that many family vacation resorts offer parents the necessities they desire at the destinations. So, you don't have to carry the whole bundle with you, which significantly lowers the hassle.  

  • It is dangerous for kids to go on a holiday 

Travelling with kids is not dangerous. Even if you are travelling to a foreign country, it is vital to note that many foreign countries are relatively safe for family travel. And you can always pick a destination you are comfortable to go to. You can take the required immunizations, utilise a car seat, pack medications, and teach your kids the fundamental safety guidelines for the whole family to stay safe and healthy when travelling.

Also, there are kids clubs at many family vacation resorts like Club Mahindra resorts. While you may have different priorities for your vacation, dropping your kid off at a kids club is just fine. Club Mahindra offers a number of distinctive kid's programmes including everything from cultural lessons to hobby development.  

  • Travelling with young children is challenging 

Of course travelling with kids is different from travelling without them, but it doesn't have to be challenging when you have realistic expectations and a positive mindset. Include some family-friendly activities every day of the trip like having an ice cream or some playground time to keep your kids calm for the rest of the day.

Organising the trip, taking time off from work, and packing the baby gear may seem overwhelming, but note that the time you spend away from home with your family has the capability to be the most memorable memory you would have with your children.

Parents travelling with toddlers often claim that they are able to spend more time with their kids when away from home as they are away from the demands of life, job, and chores. Be deliberate when planning your travels to avoid most of the hassle. Start with short excursions like a weekend break, road trip, or a family vacation to extended family. 

Another element of a successful family travel is getting your kids to participate. Having a sense of control whether it is the responsibility to shoot with a camera or choosing agenda items for the day makes them a part of a successful trip.

Travelling with kids gives them the experience of a lifetime. Getting exposed to the world opens up their world view, dispel preconceptions, and provide them with a fulfilling experience. 

Also, try to execute the trip at a slower pace including one major activity in the morning, one minor activity in the afternoon, and a lot of downtime to remove any guess work from vacation preparation. 

So, dispel these myths about travelling with kids and begin making plans to give your children the gift of travel.

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