Kashmir’s beauty is what poems are made of. There is nothing that compares to the sights you get to see there. Glittering lakes, sprawling apple orchards, breathtaking meadows, and saffron fields are only a few aspects of its magnificence. There is no dearth of places to visit in Kashmir, but Srinagar is one place that must be at the top of your bucket list. 

Staying at the Kashmir House Boats Resort, a Club Mahindra affiliate resort is indeed a wonderful way to enjoy your stay at Srinagar. What’s more? There cannot be a more perfect place to live in Srinagar than in a charming house boat in the heart of the magnificent Dal Lake.

Why is Kashmir House Boats Resort a great choice? 

Kashmir Boat House

Srinagar’s exquisite beauty is best experienced at the Kashmir House Boats Resort, a Club Mahindra affiliate resort. It is a wholesome houseboat experience for families to enjoy the charm, stunning views, and beautiful summer weather. 

The cosy houseboats are designed for comfort and elegance and are fully equipped with amenities to make your stay special. You can enjoy a hot cuppa sitting in your private balcony, gazing into the lake’s sparkling waters, or catch up on your favourite show on your in-room television. 

Enjoy a luxurious dinner with the best of the local dishes in the dining room or read your favourite book in the cosy comfort of the living room area. At Kashmir House Boats Resort hosted by Club Mahindra, you’ll want for nothing. It’s earthy, rustic, and elegantly plush ambience only makes your experience that much more exquisite. 

Fun Activities For Families at Kashmir House Boats Resort hosted by Club Mahindra 

Kashmir House Boats Resort hosted by Club Mahindra

A Shikara ride along the Dal lake is as charming as it sounds. Enjoy a relaxing boat ride in the pristine lake waters, visit the Mughal gardens and take a Gondola ride to view the snow-capped peaks. There is so much to discover, once you step out of the boathouse: gardens, glaciers, lakes and forests, shrines, mosques, and temples. And when you are back, you get to indulge in a warm, authentic Kashmiri meal at the house boat dining room.

Places to visit near Srinagar 

  • Gulmarg (distance from Kashmir House Boats Resort - 57.8 km approx.) 

Gulmarg —"Meadow of Flowers'' — is aptly named since it is awash with vibrant wildflowers including bluebells, daisies, forget-me-nots, and buttercups. This hill station, once known as Gaurimarg, is one of the most visited destinations in Kashmir, and its proximity to Srinagar makes it all the more popular. 

  • Thajiwas Glacier (distance from Kashmir House Boats Resort - 83.1 km approx.) 

Thajiwas Glacier

Against a backdrop of lush green grass and clear blue sky, Thajiwas Glacier makes for a stunning image. Summer months are a great opportunity to hike to the many waterfalls that spring up around the glacier. You may have to undertake a long trek to get to Thajiwas but when you look at the view, you'll know it was totally worth the effort. 

  • Indira Gandhi Tulip Gardens (distance from Kashmir House Boats Resort - 6.1 km approx.) 

Indira Gandhi Tulip Gardens

Asia’s largest tulip garden is mesmerising. With tulips in every possible colour present in the garden, it is undoubtedly a sight to behold. And even as the sweet fragrance of the flowers fills the air, the tulip garden is a pleasant treat for your senses.  

  • Jamia Masjid (distance from Kashmir House Boats Resort - 6.9 km approx.) 

Jamia Masjid

Kashmir's oldest and most stunning mosque, Jamia Masjid has withstood the test of time for 626 years. The 378 deodar pillars and the stunning fountain on the grounds are the building's identifying characteristics. In addition, the Mughal architecture, beautiful courtyards, and magnificent arches will leave you in awe. 

Kashmir Houseboats are renowned for their one-of-a-kind resorts in Kashmir and the warm welcome they provide to all their visitors, in addition to the numerous wonderful adventures waiting to be had there. Houseboats on Dal Lake provide guests with an authentic and memorable stay.

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