Teetering on the far east of the Indian peninsula, Arunachal Pradesh is a state that has bountiful natural beauty, and is one of the most beautiful places in north east India. Just as scenic its landscape is, the state also has a colourful and distinct culture. It has a perfect mix of modernity and tradition, where the city dwellers and the tribals coexist in harmony.  

If you are on a journey to explore the Indian cultural diversity, you must visit Arunachal Pradesh; it is the best place for holidays in India. The best way to experience the cultural beauty of this pristine land is through attending or being a part of the festivals of Arunachal Pradesh.

Mopin Festival 

The locals in Arunachal Pradesh believe that Mopin Festivals bring them good luck, prosperity and bless them for a good harvest. Celebrated in April, it holds great cultural significance for the locals, especially for the Galo Adi tribe.  

During the festival, the Galo Tribal people dress up in their traditional attire, wear special ornaments and perform the Popir Dance. In this dance, the tribal women form a circle and create a roaring sound with their rhythmic steps and sing Baryi folk songs.  

Siang River Festival 

Until 2005, the Siang River festival was celebrated as Brahmaputra Darshan Festival. Celebrated in December every year, it is of the main festivals of Arunachal Pradesh. The real essence of this festival is to promote communal harmony and eco-tourism in the state.  

During the festival, you can enjoy a wide range of activities such as boat races, food festivals, cultural show, handloom and handicraft exhibitions, Didi – a mock war game, and Elephant race. One of the main aims of this festival is to highlight the vast potential of the state for tourism and display the unique culture of the locals.


Celebrated mostly by the Niyhi Tirbe of Arunachal Pradesh, it is an annual event that occurs on the 28thFebruary. The local tribe celebrate this festival to maintain harmony among peple and for prosperity.  

The word Nyokum, comes from the local dialect, and it is made of two words, Nyok, which means land and Kum, meaning people. During the festival, the locals gather and sing tribal songs and perform traditional dances.  

The main ritual is performed by the high priest who offers prayers to the spirits to bring peace and prosperity in every household.  

Boori Boot 

One of the most famous festivals of Arunachal Pradesh, Boori Booth is celebrated as a way of showing gratitude for a successful harvest. This three-day festival is celebrated in the month of February. One of the highlights of this beautiful festival is that it brings all the people in the community together, regardless of their caste, sex, and age. Together the local communities celebrate the arrival of the spring season. 

As part of the celebratory ritual, the locals gather at the Upper and Lower Subansiri district and offer their prayers to the spirits and seek their blessing. 


This is one of the important festivals of the Nocte Tribe and it is a celebration to say goodbye to winter. The elders of the tribe decide the festival date based on the position of the moon. But it is mostly celebrated in February. 

It is a three-day festival, and the celebrations begin with Phamlamja. On this day, the locals sacrifice pigs or buffaloes and distribute the meat within the community. On the second day, which is known as Chamkatja, the members of the Nocte tribe enable the male members of their family to become full members of the decision-making committee, known as Paang.  

The third day of the festival is known as Thanlangia. On this day all the villagers and the tribespeople, irrespective of their social status and age gather and participate in folk dance and sing traditional songs.  

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 

This is one of the new additions to the festivals of Arunachal Pradesh; it was first celebrated in 2007. However, with a short span, it has become Arunachal Pradesh's famous festival. The celebrations continue for three days and it occurs in January.  

During the festival, people from all over Arunachal Pradesh and neighbouring states gather at Nampong town and participate in various traditional folksongs and folk dances. Another major attraction of the festival is the handloom exhibition that runs for three days; it showcases the handicrafts collected from all over India. Apart from the people of the Northeastern states, the festival also attracts tourists and visitors from Myanmar who come there to showcase their culture and heritage.  

The people in Arunachal Pradesh celebrate their festivals with a lot of pomp and fanfare, which gives you an added reason to visit this beautiful state. From the stunning landscapes and the festival celebrations, Arunachal Pradesh will surely leave a mark in your heart forever. 

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