We Tell You Your Favourite Club Mahindra Resort based on Your Personality. Take this Quiz to Find Out!

1. How would you picturize your ideal family vacation?

a. On the beach, sipping a cocktail or watching the waves

b. Trekking in the mountain ranges

c. Totally depends on my mood, but I can do both

d. I need something unusual, like the snow or a breath-taking view

2. What is the one food item that you will frown upon if presented to when on a holiday?

a. Avoid Paneer and gravies. Coconut based curries are welcome

b. Idli, vada, dosa and the likes

c. Not so fussy about food

d. Anything works as long as it is unique to the destination that I am visiting

3. Which season provides you the most comfort?

a. Summer. I cannot thrive in cold temperatures

b. Winters. The colder, the better. It’s so blissful when it’s chilly and you can light a bonfire

c. Monsoon. Always loved sitting in a windowsill and watching the rain pour

d. Snow fall. Even though that’s not really a season

4. How often do you day dream?

a. Every alternate day. Not so much. I am quite rooted in reality

b. Almost always. I find myself zoning out at least twice a day

c. I am quite eccentric and can lose my train of thought at anytime

d. Only when the time is right

5. What is your choice of beverage while travelling?

a. Definitely coffee. Nothing like a good old cup of joe

b. I prefer alcohol or maybe a beer

c. A cup of hot steaming chai

d. Anything hot. Tea or coffee depending on the mood

6. Where do you see yourself living your life post retirement?

a. Somewhere near the beach

b. A colder city. Something closer to the mountains to avoid humidity

c. Any place that isn’t a tier one, hustling and crowded city

d. A place that is detached from regular life, a quaint town

7. What do you look for when you travel for leisure?

a. I don’t plan much. I go with the flow

b. I expect something extraordinary. Nature, views, sunsets should be a part of the deal

c. Just a relaxing time

d. I would expect a complete change from the ordinary

Now count the number of times you chose a particular answer. The maximum number of times you picked one alphabet is your choice of property. So if you have maximum As’ then your favourite property is Puducherry in South India. We tell you why!

A. Club Mahindra Puducherry Resort

You are someone who is completely in sync with the realities of everyday life and yet like to experience joy as much as you can. A true blue lover of the ocean, you can spend your days just sitting down at the beach and watching the waves hit the shore. You love a peaceful time and sipping a cup of coffee and reading a book can do it for you! The Puducherry resort is a place where you can easily visit the beach, stroll along the promenade and consume the best filter coffee in the country.

B. Club Mahindra Binsar Valley

You are someone who takes a vacation quite seriously and aspires to go farther from the city life. You love the mountains, treks in the hilly areas and a vacation in the Himalayas or trekking in Manali is always on your mind. When it comes to the Binsar Valley resort, breath-taking views of the snowy mountain ranges of Panchchuli, Shivling, Chaukhamba, Trishul and Nanda Devi will keep you hooked and enthralled throughout your trip. Perched high up in the Kumaon Himalayas, this resort in Binsar, Uttarakhand offers picturesque views of snow-capped mountains and trekking should be on the cards. Winter is a season you relish and devour in every way, sipping hot chai as you gaze over the mountain ranges is your idea of a good time!

C. Club Mahindra Saj Mahableshwar

Being quite nonchalant and easy going, you are someone who is not really particular and extremely picky about the destination when it comes to taking a vacation. Your idea of a good time could be enjoying hot pakoras and chai as you watch the rain pour. Perched on top of a mountain, this Mahabaleshwar resort gives you some of the most stunning views of Mahableshwar’s natural beauty. While you love taking time off and going away from the city, you aren’t someone who always needs an elaborate destination to feel like you went on a trip.

D. Club Mahindra Mashobra

A total adventure seeker, you are someone who is not easily satisfied and not one to back down from seeking thrilling escapades or magnanimous experiences. While you really enjoy the winter and find some thrill in crazy sunsets, grand panoramic views and challenging environments, you also love to take in the city delights. Being far away from the hustling cities, the Mashobra resort is a heritage property that is tucked amidst beautiful green landscapes. If the wildlife safari isn’t enough of an adventure, there is rock climbing, skiing, rappelling and many other thrills to explore.


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