With Diwali approaching and the winter break just around the corner, it is only natural that the festive season awakens the travel enthusiast in you. The long weekends and end-of-year winter break makes for the perfect time to plan a weekend getaway or vacation with your family, the only downside is- everyone else is probably thinking along the same lines. Peak season or off-season, planning a family holiday is no longer as easy as just choosing a destination and packing your bags, but what if it could be? A Club Mahindra Membership makes it possible to have stressfree and fun-filled vacations with your family at the destination of your choice, whenever you want! That is reason enough to gift your family a Club Mahindra Membership this Diwali, but read on to get a sneak peek into what the membership can unlock for you and your family. Whether you are keen on travelling within the country or abroad, Club Mahindra ensures you have an exciting and memorable holiday. With more than 50 resorts in India and abroad, you are spoilt for choice. Your search for the ideal holiday destination ends here!

Once you become a Club Mahindra member, you have access to 25 years of family holidays. Yes, you can holiday for seven days a year for the next 25 years! Choose from more than 50 resorts and over 4300 resorts affiliated with Club Mahindra across the world. You also get access to 32 Holiday Club Oy resorts in Sweden, Spain, and Finland.

With a Club Mahindra membership, you also have the flexibility to break your seven days into smaller getaways and enjoy multiple holidays in a year. If you are unable to take a holiday in a particular year, you can carry forward the balance or even borrow from next year if you would like a longer holiday this year. Accommodation can be chosen based on your family size, from studios to two-bedroom apartments.

It goes without saying that you and your family are provided top-notch rooms and amenities at every destination you travel to. So comfort and convenience are a given. Since your holidays are always pre-booked, you will be able to save on travel costs too.

There are four types of membership plans: Purple, Blue, White, and Red. The main difference is the period during which you can travel and book your stay at a resort. While some plans allow you to travel throughout the year, others allow only off-season vacations. Based on your preference and requirements, choose a plan that is ideal for your upcoming holidays.

Membership Plans To Present This Diwali To Your Loved Ones.

If you choose Club Mahindra Purple Membership, you have the privilege of holidaying at any time of the year, which includes peak and non-peak seasons. You decide the period and destination of travel and Club Mahindra will be happy to host you. There are no restrictions on your travel with this plan.


If you choose the Blue Plan, you can avoid the peak season crowd and enjoy a relaxed holiday during the non-peak season in a variety of holiday destinations. With this plan, you can only travel during the off-season. So it is not ideal for those who have children and who can travel only during the summer vacations and school holidays.


This plan is for those who want to holiday when resorts are less crowded – the non-peak season. It lets you enjoy a holiday at any time of the year except during festivals, school vacations, and national holidays. This plan can be considered if you have the flexibility to travel any time of the year. You might not be able to go on holiday during the peak season or holiday season, but you can enjoy your destination in the off-season when resorts are comparatively less crowded.


With Club Mahindra Red Membership, you can go on vacation at any time of the year except during super-peak periods – such as New Year’s Eve in Goa. This plan will not permit you to travel during periods when resorts have 100% occupancy. Apart from this, you can travel at any time, including the usual peak season.

Your Club Mahindra membership fee will vary depending on the plan. Understand the different plans thoroughly and then pick one. You can go through the numerous Club Mahindra reviews online to help you decide. Club Mahindra has always maintained the best service and strives to elevate customer satisfaction with each new guest.

Club Mahindra resorts offer a number of fun-filled activities that ensure a memorable time with your family and keep your children engaged throughout your stay. At every resort, there will be a range of activities to indulge in. Whatever the age and personality of fellow travellers, they will find an activity to keep themselves occupied. After all, there is nothing like bonding over a fun activity during a family holiday!

Of course, no holiday can be complete without savouring the local food. Club Mahindra understands this, which is why the resorts serve regional delicacies in addition to the continental cuisine, ensuring that you get the most out of your holiday. The food is always prepared from fresh produce and presented in a way that guarantees a completely authentic experience. The chef also takes special requests from members, so everybody is satisfied.

With resorts available across the country, a Club Mahindra membership is ideal for a family vacation, year after year. It is perfect for families that love to travel together and build memories together. With a Club Mahindra membership, you will never run out of holiday destinations. Every holiday will be special and you will long for more.

Apply for a membership today and ensure fun-filled holidays for the next 25 years with your family. Once you are a member, all you need to think about is the next destination you wish to strike off your bucket list!

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Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd. (MHRIL), a part of Leisure and Hospitality sector of the Mahindra Group, offers quality family holidays primarily through vacation ownership memberships and brings to the industry values such as reliability, trust and customer satisfaction. Started in 1996, the company's flagship brand ‘Club Mahindra’, today has over 290,000 members , who can holiday at 140+ resorts in India and abroad.

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