The look of euphoria on your parents’ face as you present them with a thoughtful gift, is perhaps the most rewarding feeling in the world, wouldn’t you agree? But when you’re a non-resident Indian, it can sometimes be very challenging and stressful to select something that your parents will love and appreciate, equally. Luckily, Club Mahindra doesn’t let geography or distance (or even anxiety) get in the way of finding that perfect present.

Here’s a secret; a gift doesn’t have to come with shiny wrapping paper or a big, bright bow to be wonderful. A gift can look something like a Joyscapes Membership, where your parents get to elevate their holiday going experience by unlocking a 15-year magical journey with India’s favourite resort chain.

As gift ideas for parents go, we think this one is pretty unique! So, come, globe  trot with us.

Alluring Asia

There is so much beauty and culture to be discovered in Asia. Every country, right down to every city, town, and village has something special to offer the travelling family. Be it an ancient temple, an exotic spice market, a bustling boardwalk, a peaceful beach, or a dazzling shopping district. Think of Singapore’s picturesque botanical gardens that overflow with roses, lilies, peonies and orchids. Picture Thailand’s hidden islands and coves that sparkle in shades of blues, greens and yellows. Consider Sri Lanka’s array of seafood dishes that play around with the freshest of ingredients and flavours. Asia is a melting pot of experiences. And Club Mahindra Joyscapes wraps all of this into a pretty little package for your beloved mom and dad! With an international repository of 4,200+ resorts, your parents have the freedom of picking a destination that meets their unique holiday criteria.

Unmissable Middle-East

The United Arab Emirates is deemed as a tourist hot spot for many reasons. But the fact that it perfectly blends old-world traditions with modern innovations, stands out. Where else will you find glass and metal high-rises standing proud amidst charming souks? Where else can you enjoy both, golden sand dunes and pearl-white beaches? Is there any other place that offers up such a fine collection of global merchandise – bohemian and luxurious? If there was one slogan to describe the UAE it would be “The Best of Both Worlds”. And this is what makes it such an ideal destination for your parents to visit. Dubai is just a hop, skip and jump away from India. So, why not treat them to a vacation filled with mystique and thrill? One that includes camel rides by sunrise, hot air balloon sojourns by sunset, and river cruises through the day. With a Joyscapes Membership, it’s all possible.

Alluring Asia Unmissable Middle-East

Enchanting Europe

Club Mahindra enables members to tour not only the best destinations in India, but across the world. We call it, the ultimate plus-plus. And when you think of the latter, the travel phrase that pops into the mind most often is, “Euro trip”. Have your mom and dad always dreamed of going to Europe, but somehow never managed to do so? If yes, a Club Mahindra Joyscapes membership is the best gift for parents. It’s like a multipurpose holiday card that be swiped for multiple experiences, offerings, and activities. Of course, Europe has so many! Finland, with its crystal lakes, pine forests, and friendly reindeers, is a magical place to explore. Visiting Santa Claus’ village and witnessing the Aurora Borealis up close are two memories worth grabbing. Sweden is another delightful country, famed for more than just its delectable meatballs and iconic furniture. For the dads who love to golf, Club Mahindra’s affiliate holiday clubs promise many adventures amidst spectacular settings.

Unparalleled USA

From neon lit cities, to sun-kissed countrysides, and everything in between, the United States of America is the king of international vacays. If your parents are craving something beyond the best destinations in India, USA definitely ticks every travel box. Here’s a short listicle to prove our point. New York’s architecture, Florida’s adventure parks, New Orlean’s jazz music, Arizona’s mountains, Washington DC’s monuments, Las Vegas’ casinos… we could go on. A Club Mahindra Joyscapes Membership is a ticket to the American dream. With its bank of luxurious resorts, enriching experiences, and handy itineraries, your parents need not break a sweat.

Enchanting Europe Unparalleled USA

100+ mesmerising Club Mahindra resorts, 4,300+ amazing RCI resorts (with a complementary 10-year membership), 13,000+ exclusive cruises and hotel bookings, 2,000+ enriching experiences… Add all of these numbers and then double it. That’s how many memories are up for grabs.

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