Tulip Garden at Srinagar Houseboat on Dal lake in Srinagar

Club Mahindra is always bringing to you, the very best in the travel and living space. Exotic destinations. Off-beat locations. Unique resorts.Unconventional rooms. Magical experiences. We allow you to experience travel as it should be – adventurous!In this blog, we journey to Kashmir to show you what a holiday on a houseboat looks like!

Srinagar is the Definition of Serenity

A former summer capital of the British, Srinagar is in every way a blissful holiday escape. For its postcard-worthy natural beauty, it is fondly referred to as ‘Paradise on Earth’. And more recently, ‘Modern Water World’, owing to the Dal Lake and its meandering waterways, tree-dotted Nagin Lake, and whooshing Jhelum River.

In spite of being the largest city in Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar still enjoys oodles of peace and calm. With its signature snowy hills and vast-blue skies, colourful shikharas bobbing off the lake, there’s no better place for a family vacation!

Be it strolling the terraced hillsides of the 400-year-old Mughal Gardens, or shopping for indigenous crafts like hand-woven silks and embroidered shawls, there are so many enriching things to do while holidaying.

Club Mahindra’s affiliate property, Kashmir Houseboats, gives you the chance to explore the other side of travel… one that is led by water, not land! Fun fact - The origin of the ‘Houseboat’ goes all the way back to the former ruling Kings, who had forbidden foreign visitors (especially the British) from constructing houses in the region. This gave rise to the unique concept of a floating home.

Retreat to Your Very Own Floating Home

Who doesn’t love to luxuriate in a hotel room or a suite? Getting away from the ordinary four walls of your home and experiencing something different, anything different, is quite irresistible. While you may have lived in a villa, a cottage, a tent, or even a tree house, have you ever stayed in a house boat?!

Trust us, the experience is quite different!

Anchored on the banks of enchanting Dal Lake, is Kashmir Houseboats – a Club Mahindra partner property. As its name suggests, this charming resort comprises of colourful and aesthetically designed houseboats made out of cedar wood. Replete with everyday amenities, elegant furbishing, and stunning views from a private porch – here is where a family vacation gets ready to set sail.

Did you know, cedar wood was chosen for its ability to remain sturdy even after years in the water? Yes. The floating homes have been built with a purpose. And that is to create wonderful memories for travellers.

So, settle back and enjoy the ride – quite literally…

House boats on Srinagar Lake Sunset Dal Lake in Srinagar

Experience the Rare Beauty of Dal Lake  

There is a different joy to living by a lake and a different joy to living IN a lake. Kashmir Houseboats gives you the opportunity to do the latter.

And in style, nonetheless.

Wake up to the tweet-tweet of birds and the sight of golden rays dappling on the lake. Cosy up with your loved ones, as you meander along the waters. As you do so, say hello to the morning sun. Don’t forget to breathe in the sweet smell of fresh flowers, as vendors come right to your door step! Feast on Gogji Nadir turnips, a sumptuous Kashmiri dish that tickles the taste buds. Enjoy the vivid images of nature, presented to you by your private balcony. Savour the special moments with a cup of spicy chai.

Can you imagine anything more peaceful?

And once you step out, explore the region and all its wonders. Walk through pastures of wild flowers. Ride a cable car to the highest peak and take a family selfie. Engage in winter sports; ever been skiing before? Tour magnificent temple ruins. Make a wish at an ancient shrine. Hike to lakes, rivulets, waterfalls and forests. Discover scenic spots that were featured in your favourite Bollywood films. It’s all possible with Club Mahindra!

Soak in Hospitality at its Finest

“Earthy yet elegant, rustic yet refined" – the credo that Kashmir Houseboats lives by. Here, families can look forward to snug accommodation, friendly service and personalised offerings. Throw in fresh air, gorgeous sceneries, and bucket loads of peace, too.

Not just a room with a view, but a room within a view, the space lives up to every traveller’s expectation and dream. From hot beverage binges to light entertainment, you’ll find everything you need. In your delightfully lovely houseboat.

Now, our Jammu & Kashmir resort serves up the most scrumptious dishes for families to savour. Do try the famous Kashmiri tea called Kahwah, along with the classic mutton preparation known called Rogan Ghosh. The chefs whip up simple yet delicious food for you to relish as you unwind

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