1. What does your ideal Saturday night look like?

• I mostly head to a bar/club or a new place that is trending with my friends.

• A beautiful weekend trek! Being around nature is the best way to unwind.

• A walk on the beach and a cup of coffee.

• Just being at home!

2. How often do you go out to a new place or for a movie, in a week?

• More than 4 times.

• Just on the weekends.

• Very rarely- maybe once.

• Mostly never- my residential area has everything I need!

3. How much of your travel revolves around nature?

• None. I would rather do a European city.

• All. Nature is very essential!

• Not a lot. But I do love the beach and water sports.

• I don’t travel a lot.

4. On a scale of 1 to 10, how irritated are you with issues like traffic, population, noise?

• 3. Not a lot. There rarely is an option.

• 10. Very much.

• 7. Quite a lot.

• 5. Which is why all amenities should be near the house.

5. Which is your favourite place for a vacation?

• New York.

• The English County.

• Santorini.

• A nice hotel with a spa would be enough!

6. What places would you require near your home?

• A nice bar/café or a restaurant.

• A garden or a park with lush greenery.

• A view of the ocean.

• A swimming pool and a gymnasium.

7. How much importance do you give to current fashion trend?

• A lot. I dress impeccably well for every occasion.

• I do a lot of street style and casual wear.

• Not much. I would wear shorts and a t-shirt all my life, given a choice.

• Not at all.

8. What matters the most in your apartment?

• The neighbourhood.

• A non-claustrophobic environment with lots of trees around.

• The view.

• Availability of amenities nearby.

9. How much do you love animals?

• Not at all, I am scared of most.

• Immensely. Love the wild life.

• An average amount, but I don’t love them.

• Just cats and dogs. The pet animals.

10. What kind of a life do you dream to have?

• Exciting and glamourous.

• Quiet and blissful.

• Peaceful with a good dose of solidarity.

• A conventional life surrounded by friends and family.

Check how you have answered and see which has the maximum votes. Accordingly, take your pick.


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You are a person who is very peaceful and desires a calm, quiet life with lesser disturbances and a good dose of nature surrounding you. All the small towns in South India and the peaceful environment and people are a few places that could easily be your favourite.

The Coorg resort is the perfect way for you to take a vacation. Madikeri is a hill station and the vibrant capital of Coorg. Nestling in the Western Ghats, the district is one of the most beautiful ones in the state. It is verdant and filled with nature’s splendour that spans innumerable shades of green. Driving in, the plains gradually give way to mountain ranges and as the road begins to curve upwards, the wide vistas of mountains transport visitors to another world. Surrounding these vistas are valleys, sholas, paddy fields, grasslands, orange orchards, and coffee, pepper and cardamom plantations.

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You are a community living kind of a person. You love the thought of having all your neighbours and family close by and especially a good supply of all necessities right around the corner.

While you are someone who truly loves taking a vacation, the thought of completely going away and detaching yourself is also daunting to you. In such a case, the Tungi resort is the best way to head out for a quick and short trip. Located amidst Lonavala and not very far from the two major cities, this is a trip that can be managed even on a weekend.


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