In 2020, we have all learned to stay home and stay safe. So, you may have noticed that your traveller’s heart has gone quiet. Overwhelmed by the many, many concerns of 2020 life. Don’t worry though. We’re going to get it beating strongly again. Do you know why? The weekend is here – and not just any weekend – the August 15th weekend. Independence Day. A National Holiday. A day of pride. A day to explore a corner of the country that you love.

That’s right. Pack your bags (and masks) this weekend and take a drive to your nearest Club Mahindra resort for a weekend filled with local cuisine, great locations, safe rooms, thrilling activities and family fun.

No matter what Club Mahindra Resort you drive to, you’ll find a story of India there. That’s because our country is steeped in tales of royalty, nobility, art, love, battles and more. Will you think of the ancient Rajput kings when you visit Club Mahindra Udaipur? Will you drive deep into the jungles near Club Mahindra Kanha to spot India’s National animal – the majestic tiger? How about gazing out from your room at Club Mahindra Dwarka, and admire the gorgeous Gomti river – a rippling tributary of the great Ganges? Would you like to learn the story of how the French government conceded the territory of Puducherry during the Freedom struggle, when you visit Club Mahindra Puducherry?


If you’re not inclined to look to the past, why not focus on the glory of the India you know - the India of today. Spend the day with your family at one of our art workshops, painting tri-coloured masterpieces to take home. At Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh, you can attend our puppet making workshop and put on a patriotic play for your family and friends at the end of it.

If your idea of celebration involves watching your favourite patriotic movie, why not snuggle into our cosy beds and order your favourite food while you watch it? If the way to your true-blue Indian heart is through your stomach, head to our restaurants, where you can enjoy authentic, flavourful local dishes. Sink into the spice and texture of Maharashtra’s famous Misal Pav, when you visit Club Mahindra Hatgad. Fill your plate (and soul) with delicious Aviyal, Thoran, Stew, Sambhar, rice and other assorted dishes at Club Mahindra Thekkady. That’s the thing about India – it’s essence, its stories and its heart can be found everywhere. In the flavours, the stories, in the past, in its present. It’s right there in the moment you’re making with your family. There are so many ways to celebrate Independence Day at Club Mahindra.

All you need is to #TravelWithConfidence and for that Club Mahindra has a plan! 

Social Distancing to Bring Us Closer

Over the last few months, we’ve worked hard to transform our hotels into safe resorts. Where you can enjoy your holiday, while maintaining our safety protocols and social distancing.

Your stay begins with a traditional Namaste (or appropriate regional greeting) and a safe distance of 6-feet will be maintained in all areas of the resort. You don’t need to worry about checking in at our front desk – we’ve made it contactless. Just download the Club Mahindra App, upload your ID proof and fill the declaration form. You can also pre-purchase your meals and activity plans on the app as well. When you arrive at the resort, your temperature will be checked, and your car will be designated in an earmarked spot to maintain social distancing. 

The staff are all equipped with PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) and the resort is regularly sanitised with hospital-grade disinfectants. Hand sanitiser is available in every corner of the resort and all items you come into contact with (key cards, cutlery, crockery and more) are sanitised in UV cupboards.

Want to indulge in the flavours of India? You can do so at our restaurants. We have realigned them to make sure that you maintain the appropriate social distancing from other guests. Thinking of spending a day of family fun at one of our workshops? Our instructors are also equipped with PPEs so that your class is worry free and all about time with the family. Want to head outsight to do some sightseeing of India’s most iconic locations? We’ve put together a list of pre-decided sightseeing places and all our trips outside will be conducted with all safety measures in place. (For more details on hotel safety, contact us or visit our website.)

So, this Independence Day, your holiday may look a little different, we may look a little different, but we’re hoping to talk to the same traveller’s heart that beats inside you. The one that loves to discover India – through stories, art, flavours and more. Come discover India – in all its independent glory – at one of Club Mahindra’s resorts.

If you’d like to know more, visit our website, where you’ll find details on our Club Mahindra membership. Furthermore, if you’re planning to visit one of our resorts in India check out the Club Mahindra reviews from other guests who have holidayed with us.

We wish you a very Happy Independence Day!



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