There was once a resort so wonderful and pure. It was bound to woo travellers, oh for sure!

Will you join us in exploring Club Mahindra’s original property? 25 years ago, it was unveiled to the whole country. Come, let’s explore further and further. Until the surprises become bigger and better…

Landscapes so lush

Here’s to a little town perched along the majestic Western Ghats of Kerala. A hill station carpeted in green, you’d think it is impossible for any other colour to look this beautiful. A former summer resort for the British Raj elite, Munnar is everything a holiday destination should be. Picturesque. Serene. Exciting. Whimsical. Surprising. The lush environ is made up of forests, waterfalls, lakes and valleys. And of course, rolling hills dotted with tea plantations. For a family, there’s no better escape as you can get a little taste of everything. Cultural attractions. Adventure sports. Wildlife safaris. Heritage tours. Spiritual pilgrimages. Yes. A true gem of a destination, it’s no surprise that Club Mahindra set up its very first resort right here! Club Mahindra Munnar, Kerala is set amidst the most verdant scenery a traveller could dream of. It is a mere 4-hour drive away from the transport hub - Cochin Airport. So, there is a scenic drive to look forward to.

A palace nestled amidst nature

One glance at Club Mahindra Munnar, Kerala and you’ll be instantly transported to a more peaceful place. The holiday manor seems right out of a bedtime story. A palace tucked away deep within an enchanted forest. Walk into the resort and families will discover woodland cottages true to Kerala-style architecture. How quaint! Nestled on sloping land, the cottages enjoy delightful views of the property. Purple-grey mountains bathed in mist. Rows of tea estates. Sunsets and wild flowers. Is there anything dreamier than a day spent here?! And we’ve only just gotten started. This classic Club Mahindra property features a lovely swimming pool, an indoor games room with everything from table tennis to billiards, a sprawling gymnasium, an elegant conference hall, an adorable souvenir shop, and an array of boutique restaurants. The terrace offers a bird’s eye view of the nearby scenery, a sight that proves very hard to look away from!

Munnar - Landscapes so lush Munnar - A palace nestled amidst nature

Experiences that wow 

It’s time to unlock Club Mahindra Munnar, Kerala’s experience trunk. Any guesses on what will come flying out? Well, our oldest property is known for its unique indoor and outdoor offerings. Designed to give you the most out of an authentic Kerala experience. And all you have to do is pick the one that resonates with you and your family the most. For the thrill seekers, why not embark on a bullet-bike excursion in the hills? It’s an adrenaline rush like no other. We also offer guests the chance to learn the ancient Indian martial art form – Kalaripayattu. There’s no better way to get those muscles moving. After which, a trip to the Mind and Body Temple – Svaastha Spa – is a must. The spa souls will definitely enjoy our luxuriating tea-leaf massage, an age-old wellness ritual that incorporates home grown leaves. Speaking of which, the tea estate tour is one of the resort’s highlights. Families get to experience the art of tea cultivation, while strolling through dreamy plantations. But for those who wish to comfortably cruise, the wildlife safaris are unforgettable. Not to forget, ziplining across the evergreen forest. Last not least, who doesn’t love good-old campfire stories? With Munnar’s camping under the stars experience, you get to slow down and really savour the moment.

Hospitality and more

You’ll be glad to know that customer service is an emotion and not an obligation at Club Mahindra Munnar, Kerala. In keeping with the credo of “make every moment magical”, we seek to build a friendly and cheerful holiday space that goes beyond the ordinary. One where members can enjoy their down-time to the fullest. Whether it’s remembering a family’s distinct food preferences, or surprising them with a framed collage of their most adventurous moments, our employees seek to curate joyful experiences. Of course, they take on many roles. Tour guide. History Teacher. Magician. Singer. Dancer. Chef. Mixologist. Planter. You name it, our skilled staff members can do it. With the biggest smile on their faces, nonetheless. Warmth, care and safety are the cornerstones of our community.

And it all began right here, 25 years ago. Munnar was number one, after which we spread our wings to Varca, Goa. Soon after, Club Mahindra resorts began to sprout up all across the country. Eventually, partnerships bloomed overseas too!Isn’t that just incredible?

Munnar - Experiences that wow Munnar - Hospitality and more

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