Kodaikanal is a gorgeous hill station in Tamil Nadu, in South India. It is on the wish list of many a traveller, whether they are just breezing through the area or planning to stay put for a week to enjoy the region with their families. Honeymooners and senior citizens alike are not immune to its various charms. But first, you must find a wonderful resort in Kodaikanal to start your vacation on the right note.

How To Pick A Great Resort In Kodaikanal

You can hardly book the first resort in Kodaikanal that shows up on a Google search result, not a property that somebody you know recently visited. There are certain rules to follow when picking a good resort, whether in Kodaikanal or elsewhere. We compiled them for your reference:

* Choose the resort type:

Yes, resorts have ‘types’. Some resorts are isolated and located out of the city limits to provide peace and privacy to guests. The more intimate and secluded the resort setting, the more suited it is to couples and honeymooners. These are great also for those who are travelling alone, or want complete peace and quiet on their holiday. Meanwhile, some resorts are located within the city limits and are conveniently located from airports, bus terminals or even railway stations. These are better for families with children, since they offer closer access to the resort after a long journey. Look for the location of the resort in Kodaikanal on a map to find out its location and proximity from travel hubs, and the kind of amenities and rooms it offers.

* Check the tariffs:

After you have a ballpark of the resort’s location and the kind of resort that you would like to book, you should ask the resort to send you the tariffs for the number of days you wish to visit. The resort will ask for your arrival and departure dates, and will work out the tariffs as per your visit duration, rates offered during that particular time of the year, whether you have any special requests regarding the room, etc. Study these tariffs closely and ask for waivers on certain things, and also the check-in and check-out policy. It is better to compare tariffs across comparable resorts in Kodaikanal only. For instance, it makes little sense to compare the tariff of a B&B with an upscale resort like the Club Mahindra property in Kodaikanal – the two are bound to differ for various reasons.

* Study images and photographs of the rooms and amenities:

You must have a fair idea of the kind of rooms allocated to you and your family, and which amenities are present both inside and outside the room. The resort will have an image gallery on its website. Check these images for the room(s) you are interested in. You can also ask the resort to email you a list of in-room and on-site amenities you can enjoy if you decide to book. You can even ask for a room upgrade once you get to the resort and find that the images shown to you do not match the actual on-site conditions.

* Ask for special offers for the season, or for booking early:

Many resorts have special season and festive offers. The best resorts in Kodaikanal wish to capitalise on the lull in tourist footfalls during certain parts of the year, by offering season discounts and a flat rate on rooms. In some cases, some additional incentives may be thrown in, such as a short tour or a free workshop, etc. Inquire about any available offers during the time of your visit, and have the resort send you a written confirmation or printed invoice of the offer with discounts, before you make the booking.

* Check if they offer airport transfers:

The best resorts in Kodaikanal are invested in their guests’ comfort, even before they arrive at the property. There may be a free airport transfer included in the price of the package, or you can pay a small fee and have the resort send you a car to pick you and your family from the airport. Generally, 3-star and higher rated resorts in Kodaikanal routinely have airport transfers for guests, apart from a warm welcome, welcome drink prior to check-in and the best hospitality that you can expect.

The Best Time To Visit Kodaikanal

There is no best time to visit Kodaikanal, Any time of the year is good for visiting Kodaikanal. However, most visitors enjoy it the most when they visit this region in the winter. The winter months span from early November to end of February, and they have the most pleasant climate, with cold nights and soft sunshine in the day. However, if you would like to visit Kodaikanal with your family during the summer break, then the summer months are also good for visiting. The summer spans from March to June, and though the days can get mildly hot, the temperature is never unpleasant. The monsoon season can get quite intense in these parts, so you might have to stay indoors when the rain starts pounding the countryside.

Where To Stay In Kodaikanal

You now have a clear idea about the factors to look for when booking a resort in Kodaikanal. It is time to make the actual booking at the best property. We recommend the Club Mahindra Le Poshe Resort in Kodaikanal.

Located conveniently from the airport amidst gorgeous locales, the resort provides every kind of comfort and luxury that you seek while on holiday. The most tastefully designed rooms offer the best views of the region, apart from tasty meals at the on-site restaurant, a spa and pool, and even activity areas for children. You can explore the property to your heart’s content and have the most peaceful, stress-free vacation at this top rated Kodaikanal resort. Why wait? Book your holiday today to experience the resort’s many charms.

How To Reach Kodaikanal

We help you plan your travel to this scenic spot with these options in travel:

* By Air

The airport closest to Kodaikanal is located at Madurai. Kodaikanal does not have its own airport or airstrip. The Madurai International Airport has regular domestic and international flights, with connections from other cities as well. You should try for flights from cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bengaluru. The airport is located about 120 km away from Kodaikanal town. Once there, you can hire a private taxi outside the airport to reach your destination. There are buses as well.

* By Road:

Kodaikanal shares excellent road connectivity with many cities in India. You can drive down to Kodaikanal from Trichy (located about 198 km away), Bengaluru (460 km), Coimbatore (175 km), Kumili (160 km) or Chennai (530 km). All the routes are pretty scenic for long drives. But if you would rather not drive, then you can book bus tickets on State Transport buses. There are many private AC buses from Bengaluru, Chennai, Coimbatore and Trichy as well, plying daily.

* By Railway:

The nearest railway connector to Kodaikanal is located at Kodai Road. It is located about 95 km away from Kodaikanal town and has connecting links with Trichy and Madurai as well. All trains arriving here come from either Trichy or Madurai, so book your train tickets accordingly. Several buses and taxis are available outside this rail head to take you to your Kodaikanal resort.

Places To Visit In Kodaikanal

We list some of the most important tourist attractions in Kodaikanal for you:

* Pillar Rocks: 

This is one of the most interesting places to visit in Kodaikanal. It comprises three rocks arranged vertically such that they look like imposing pillars. Each rock is about 400 feet tall. The site is also a bit melancholic, since an Englishman is said to have lost his beloved wife at the spot, and shortly committed suicide after laying a cross on top of the rocks in her memory.

* Mannavunar Lake:

This scenic lake is an ideal picnic spot. Ask your resort in Kodaikanal to pack you a picnic hamper and hang out at the spot for the entire day. What makes it even more interesting is that there is a sheep farm and rabbit farm close by that you can visit, and also ample opportunities for boating on the lake, and even go kayaking upstream.

* Pine Forest:

For a surreal experience of walking around an actual forest, take a walk through Kodaikanal’s famous Pine Forest. Densely packed with tall pine trees, the forest is ideal for long walks and spying several monkeys jumping through the branches. There are several migratory birds in the winter season, so make sure you keep your binoculars and camera ready if you are visiting during this time.

* Guna Cave:

The mysterious Guna Cave is one of Kodaikanal’s star tourist attractions. It is said to be a natural cave formation around which ancient tree roots have gnarled in an interesting pattern. Also known as the ‘Devil’s Kitchen’, the caves were discovered by a British officer in the year 1821 and are quite dangerous to enter. You must suspend yourself briefly between two rock faces to be able to enter the caves.

* Dolphin’s Nose:

This scenic spot is located in a hilly region and is comprised of rock formations. The spot is actually a flat expanse of rock that juts out of the mountain over a deep valley. This rock is shaped like a dolphin’s nose, where this spot derives its name from.

* Kurinji Andavar Temple: 

This temple is located just 3 km from the city, and it is thus named to celebrate its location atop a hill. In Tamil, ‘Kurinji’ means ‘hilly region’ and ‘Andavar’ is another name of Lord Murugan, whose deity is instated in the temple. Kurinji is also the name of the flower that blooms on this hill once every 12 years. Visit this spot to get some truly spectacular views of Kodaikanal.

* Poombarai Village:

Located in the Palani Hills, getting a top view of the famous Poombarai Village is one of the most popular things to do in Kodaikanal. The Kuzhanthai Velappar Temple located here is said to be over 3,000 years old. Meanwhile, large tracts of land here fall under the Government’s Reserve Forest, and are rich in biodiversity. In recent years, the village has witnessed some development in the form of prominent banks opening branches here, small access roads being built, and mobile phone towers being put up.

* Coakers Walk:

This is a manmade walking route created around a hill in Kodaikanal. It is stunningly beautiful and you will love to explore the trail with your significant other. It was built in the year 1872 so that British officers and their families visiting the spot could have a walking route around the mountain. However, it was mostly used by those recovering from physical and mental illnesses to recuperate in salubrious surroundings. Today, you can even cycle around it to add another dimension to the adventure.

* Berijam Lake:

The Berijam Lake is a reservoir in the Dindigul district, and is a man-made lake with sluices. It was created as part of a micro watershed project in the area. The lake supplies drinking water to the nearby Periyakulam Town. It is a wonderful spot for a picnic or spending half a day in serene environs.

* Vattakanal Falls:

The beautiful Vattakanal Falls offer stunning vistas and a wonderful languorous trekking trail for those inclined to explore the area as much as possible on foot. You can take the trail all the way to the waterfall, which offers foamy white waters roaring to the ground. We recommend making a trip here during the monsoon season to experience its true beauty.

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