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Summer Vacation in India - Manali Summer Vacation in India - Munnar

Summer Vacation is one of the most exciting events kids look up to. After months of working hard for school, children hope to enjoy the vacation with their family. Even adults like us look forward to summer vacations to break the monotony of mundane work life and go on a trip.

A country like Indian has a lot of places where you can spend your holidays. It could be fun sea beaches or the fresh hill stations, India has a lot of options for your preference. Below are some exciting ways in which summer vacation can be enjoyed in the country.

1) Adventure in the hills:

There is nothing as pleasant as the hills during summer. A smart way would include some benefits with your trip to the mountains. Maybe a little adrenaline rush? Here are hill stations in India that not only entice your mind with their beauty but are also tempting enough to bring out the activity enthusiast in you.


Hill stations are the best option for people who want to enjoy a laid back vacation with their family. Hill stations like Manali also offer a wide range of activities for all the adrenaline junkies. A visit to Solang Valley for activities like paragliding or zorbing is worth the craze. Apart from this, the beauty of Manali with mesmerizing parks, waterfalls, hot springs, etc. is something you'll cherish for a long time. If this is not enough to convince you to have a look at some reviews which boast about all the fun the families get to have during their stay in Manali.


When we talk about adventures, we cannot help but talk about Munnar too. Munnar is a town in Kerala. It is famous for waterfalls, tea plantations, and the Floriculture center. A plethora of activities like rock climbing, rappelling, trekking, and many more can be enjoyed here. After a long day of activities, if you want to come back and rest in luxury without pinching your pockets too hard to check out the restaurants in Munnar.


Next in the list of adventurous hill stations in Sikkim. Most of us have heard of Sikkim from people around us who have been there. The beauty and serenity of the hill station is a testimony that stands the test of time. However, what most friends or family must not have experienced is the river rafting in the river Teesta. The wild river turning and twisting through its journey provides a lot of hurdles that will make this adventure one of a kind. If you are a wildlife lover and enjoy the thrill of observing animals in the wild, do not miss out on the Khangchendzonga National Park.


Another hidden gem in this respect is none other than Ooty. Ooty is called the "Queen of Hill stations" It is a part of the Nilgiris mountain range. Ooty, also known as Udhagamandalam, is ideal for a trip to quench your adventure bug. With activities like cycling, boating, and trekking, this place can keep you busy for days. Along with this, the scenic beauty is such that even after days, you will feel like you just can't get enough of it.

Summer Vacation in India - Ooty Summer Vacation in India - Udaipur


2) Fun history lessons you will not forget:

The aspect of India which attracts most tourists is its rich culture and heritage like forts, monuments, and palaces. All of it bears silent witness to the history and heritage of the country from being the home of the oldest civilization in the world to being the home of multiple Kings and princes. The architecture in ancient temples and tombs all hide tales of history in its corners and arches. Here are a few historical destinations you could visit during the next summer vacation:


The stories of the kings of Udaipur are famous in history. Situated in Rajasthan, the city of Udaipur, the place of kings, is famous for the forts, the lakes, and several other monuments. Testimonies from all its visitors say that there is something magical about the whole experience of Udaipur. Places to visit in Udaipur include City Palace, Bagore ki Haveli, Jag Mandir, Nehru Garden, and the observatory. To be a part of the unique style and culture of Udaipur, the best place to be at is the Club Mahindra Resort. To know more about the experience, you can also check out the reviews of the past guests who have had a pleasant experience.


Want to enjoy the rich history? But is it too hesitant to visit the desert during the summer heat? You can visit hill stations like Mashobra. Mashobra is a town in Himachal Pradesh, a state very popular as a holiday and vacation spot. Mashobra is a small town in Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh. Shimla, in itself, is very popular among tourists.

Places like Shimla, Mashobra are famous among tourists from Britain. This is also famous for housing a Presidential retreat, and once a year, the President visits the retreat. To accommodate the President, the core office to shifts. To enjoy the pristine culture and heritage of this place, you can check-in to the Club Mahindra Resort. Also, visit the club Mahindra reviews for Mashobra to get more insight.


The British established Ooty in the 19th century. If you are not an adventure enthusiast, you still have a lot of reasons to visit Ooty. The place is filled with historical elements which reflect the British rule in the country, which lasted over an unforgettable two hundred years.

What better place to experience the British charm than to stay in a British building? A building which shows the grandeur in British rule and the beauty of the colonial architecture. If you are wondering how you can get such an opportunity, we have got the answer. Club Mahindra welcomes you to Derby Green Ooty. This is a resort that was previously a British colonial bungalow. The resort offers you a view of the famous Ooty racecourse, an exquisite view of a specially designed garden and delicious food.

If the European style of stay is more appealing to your aesthetics, Club Mahindra has got another resort to meet your needs. The Danish villas, as the name hints, these are villas which are designed to mimic the European architecture. The villas are spacious with open spaces, lawns, and trees. The hospitality and the Beauty of the resort will make you feel like royalty. To experience the royal treatment at Club Mahindra in the summer vacations avail the club Mahindra membership to become a part of the family.

Summer Vacation in India - Goa Summer Vacation in India - Ganpatipule


3) Sand, water, and mother nature.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say sand and water? If you are already thinking about beaches, then you are in love with the sea as much as we are. But a visit to the beach is relatively common in the summer vacations, what is smart about? Well, your vacation to the beach can be smart if you enjoy the beach and several different aspects of mother nature. Here are a few sea beaches you can visit during your summer vacation to make it a trip whose memories last for a lifetime.


Pondicherry is located on the eastern coastline of southern India and is situated amidst captivating natural asserts. Pondicherry is home to a vast number of beaches. However, that is not that Pondicherry offers. Guests can visit the famous bird sanctuary or even go for trekking, and that is not all. If you want to experience the full palette of nature's colors, you can visit the botanical garden. The botanical garden of Pondicherry is over 200 years old and houses more than 1500 species of exotic and indigenous plants. The entire town is inspired by French architecture, and that in itself adds to the charm of the place. Pondicherry also has musical fountains, rock gardens, and an aquarium to ensure that the tourists are never bored. If you enjoy the water, make sure to visit the Chunnambar beach. This is a beach with sea on one side and a river on the other.

If you want to feel the embrace of mother nature, have a look at the club Mahindra Pondicherry Resort. With the club Mahindra membership, you can avail bookings here at a very comfortable price.

Cherai Beach:

Cherai Beach is located in God's own country, Kerala. Kerala is host to many beaches, but the most famous beach of all is Cherai Beach. Cherai is the north of Kochi and is easily accessible by road. The famous backwaters of Kerala are not a stunning visual treat but are also ideal for watersports. Watersports like rowing and kayaking are worth trying. If you time your visit strategically, you can also watch dolphins. Club Mahindra Resort in Cherai Beach is strategically planned so that the guests can enjoy most of mother Nature's splendor.  To know more about the whole experience, read the club Mahindra reviews.


Goa is known for beaches all over the world. A good chunk of the total revenue of the town comes from the tourism industry. The fame of the beach often overshadows all the other aspects of this picturesque town. The famous Dudhsagar falls one of the most breathtaking waterfalls in India. The river Mondovari flows through the Western ghats and plunges 300 meters to the sea, creating these waterfalls. There is a small sanctuary on Charro Island. The marshy mangrove flora is ideal for attracting all kinds of birds like Kingfishers, Mynas, storks, pheasants, lapwings, sandpipers, cormorants, and other animals like snakes, otters, and flying foxes.  The Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary is located on the slopes of Western Ghats. It spreads to 240 sq. km has rich natural flora. The animals that can be seen in this sanctuary include Leopard,sambar,  gaur, jungle cats, elephants, deer, and many more.

Club Mahindra offers you services in three of its resorts in Goa, the Club Mahindra Emerald Palms, the Acacia Palms, and Varca Beach resorts. Each of these resorts has top hospitality services and is covered with lush green gardens. Each resort has luxurious rooms with televisions, delicious food spreads, and unforgettable scenic beauty. The experiences of past guests are detailed in the club Mahindra reviews. You can avail of the Club Mahindra membership and enjoy exclusive benefits for 25 years.

Ganpatipule in Maharashtra:

A driving distance from Mumbai is located at the Ganpatipule. Ganpatipule has its place in the Indian heritage. Apart from its Virgin beaches, it is also dotted with ancient temples. The town gets its name from the 400 years old Ganpati temple situated here. The ancient forts are an integral part of the city. It is guarded by the  Jaigadh fort in the south and the Ratnadurga fort in the south. Both these forts are historically significant and should be visited by history lovers. The Ratnadurga fort was built to protect the town from pirates. Later in history, it becomes a witness to Shivaji's conquest.  The Jaigadh Fort is mostly in ruins now due to a lack of maintenance. It offers an excellent view of the coastline. Another fort situated in the vicinity is the Gopalgad fort. You can visit this fort on the way of your trip to Guhagar. The temple on the Konkan coast is also worth your visit.

To make your stay a memorable one, you should pre-book your room at Green Leaf Resort and Spa. It is placed on top of a hill, which gives you the best view of the sea and the mountain. You can experience the genuine Konkan hospitality here. If you don't believe our word, you can check out the reviews of club Mahindra Green Leaf Resort.

To make your summer vacations smarter, become a member of the club Mahindra family to enjoy the benefits of the club Mahindra's promise.

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