Today, there is no doubt that social media has become an indispensable part of our lives. From enabling us to stay in touch and communicating with long distance friends and family to changing the fabric of marketing and advertising forever, it has had a massive impact on our lives. So, to celebrate the impact of social media on global communication, World Social Media Day is observed every year on June 30th

Since it was first launched in 2010 by Mashable, social media has seamlessly woven into the fabric of our everyday life. Today, there are many social media platforms that we use every day – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, LinkedIn, Tumblr, TikTok and many more.  

Over the years, the vast expanse of social media has evolved drastically. From becoming more secure and preventing the users data to being accessible from the palm of our hands, these platforms have come a long way. 

Why Celebrate Social Media Day? 

There are many reasons why individuals and businesses should celebrate social media day.  

With the social media day 2024 just around the corner, you may see a significant boost in the trending hashtags like #socialmediaday on different platforms like Instagram, and Twitter. You may also see many blogs posted by the brands, influences, social media experts about different aspects of social media to celebrate the holiday. All the retailers, influencers, businesses, will be celebrating the day in some way or the other and you should too.  

Whether you are a digital marketer, an influencer, or an online business owner,  or just an ordinary individual, you would know that these days simply posting online is not enough to show the followers/audience who you are. You must engage with them constantly to maintain your followers and social media day is the perfect day to show them how much you appreciate them.  

After all, without an audience who likes and shares your posts, your social media presence would mean nothing; it would not be social anymore. So, if you don’t want your online presence to slip into oblivion, you must regularly engage with your audience and win their loyalty. 


How to celebrate social media day? 

  •     Host a giveaway 

If there is one thing that everyone in the online world like is a free giveaway, especially on a Social Media Day. A giveaway can boost your online presence and may win some new followers/audience. Also, it is much easier than you think to host a giveaway.  

Just announce, or put a post about the free giveaway event a few days before the actual giveaway day. This will help build up anticipation amongst the audience and you may get good traction.  

The giveaway need not be any expensive material item, it could be as simple as giving a free tip, or a small discount coupon. There are many things that you can do with this. However, make sure that you communicate it clearly to the audience so that they don’t feel dejected or disappointed.  

  •     Host a live event 

If you are looking for ideas to celebrate world social media day, one of the simplest and effective ways is to host a live event. The day is a perfect opportunity to reach out to your followers, engage and interact with them. You can talk to them about anything you want, or you can simply host an event to thank your followers for their support or let them ask you questions so that you can get candid with them. The opportunities are limitless and the world is your oyster.  

  •     Post a series of travel pictures with beautiful captions 

Nowadays, everyone likes to see pictures and photos of beautiful places from around the world. Travel-related posts are one of the most consumed content on social media platforms. So, if you have a collection of beautiful pictures that you may have clicked on your travel sojourns, you can post a series of travel pictures. 

You can do a series called the best Instagrammable spots in India and post pictures of all the beautiful places you may have visited throughout the year. For example, if you travelled to Coorg, you can post pictures of the coffee plantations, majestic valleys, etc. If you stayed at the Club Mahindra Madikeri,  resort in Coorg, you can even post pictures of the beautiful resort or a picture where you are hanging out by the pool.  

Such pictures attract attention and people would want to know about its whereabouts. This would increase engagement and conversation on your social media handles. 

There are many ways to celebrate social media day. These were just our suggestions, if you have any other ideas, feel free to share.

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