1. To which country should you fly to see the Eiffel Tower?

a. Hungary

b. France

c. Austria

d. Thailand

2. Where is the highest building in the world?

a. Dubai

b. Paris

c. London

d. New York

3. Which is the most famous museum in the world?

a. Louvre Museum

b. Musee D’orsay

c. Van Gogh Museum

d. MET

4. Which is the smallest country in the world?

a. India

b. Vatican, Rome

c. Monaco

d. San Marino

5. The Great Wall of?

a. United States

b. Russia

c. China

d. England

6. The Great Pyramid is located where in the world?

a. New Zealand

b. Egypt

c. Greece

d. Kenya

7. The Machu Picchu is in which country?

a. Jamaica

b. Peru

c. Morocco

d. Nepal

8. Where is Club Mahindra Madikeri located?

a. Coorg

b. Himachal Pradesh

c. Goa

d. Finland

9. In 1999 this was the top tourist destination in the world.

a. France

b. UK

c. USA

d. Russia

10. The world’s longest subway is in which city?

a. Belgium

b. Paris

c. New York

d. London


1. B

2. A

3. A

4. B

5. C

6. B

7. B

8. A

9. A

10. D

Count the number of answers that your kid got right. Here are our results –

More than 6 Correct:

You are kind of an expert when it comes to travel and general knowledge and all you need to do is just keep doing whatever you are doing. It is evident that you are reading the right material and engrossing your mind in appropriate things. Gift your child a chocolate and pat him on the back for this victory.

4 or More Correct:

If you have 4 to 6 correct answers then you are a learner and still have a long way to go! You need to ensure that you read more and pay attention to the events that unfold around you. Try to bring an Atlas or educate your child more through fun games and more of such quizzes. Travel is an important aspect of experiencing new cultures, lifestyles and getting a new perspective on the usual. Pack your bags and take a vacation once a year at Club Mahindra resorts. Before planning your holiday, have a look at these Club Mahindra reviews to get a sneak peek of what members have to say about their holiday with Club Mahindra!

Less than 3 Correct:

A lower score only indicates that there is a long road ahead and learning can never really stop, whatever number of points or correct answers one gets. Make sure you teach your child the importance of learning new things, reading proactively and educating oneself about the world.

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