Travelling during COVID-19 is fraught with uncertainty and the threat of getting the virus. As a result, we at Club Mahindra took the time to examine the situation, consult experts and adapt our vacations to make you as safe as possible. So, if hotel security is a major concern for you, then hear us out. At Club Mahindra Resorts, we have the solutions to ensure you a safe stay.

Club Mahindra has partnered with Bureau Veritas, a global leader in testing and inspection, to regularly evaluate and certify the resorts' adherence to hygiene and sanitation regulations.

Club Mahindra is ready to usher you into a new age of holidays, one that is both safe and magical.

Here is a list of best safety & hygiene practices at Club Mahindra Resorts:

Contactless Thermal Screening on Arrival:

Club Mahindra Resorts has implemented contactless thermal scanning of guests upon arrival to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. When using the old-fashioned temperature screening method, the person checking everyone's temperature is at risk. Suppose a Covid positive patient has arrived. So, while screening the positive patient, the person responsible for screening the temperature may also be impacted. As a result, he has a high probability pass on the virus to more people simply by screening them. Thus, Club Mahindra Resorts have introduced Contactless Thermal Screening as a solution. Contactless Thermal Screening and Scanning is a non-invasive, radiation-free method that detects, records and analyses the temperature patterns on the skin's surface (body heat). If someone has a fever, then Contactless Thermal Screening can detect it quickly.

UV-Sanitized Room Keys:

Cleaning and disinfection are crucial steps in lowering the risk of COVID-19 exposure. Every hotel has a responsibility to ensure that our communities, visitors and workers are as safe as possible when we reopen and stay open. Room keys are one of the most frequently utilised hotel items that visitors interact with on a daily basis. Guests have been known to touch key cards 6-8 times per day. So, what happens when visitors hand up their keys? Sanitising used room keys has become crucial in creating a secure hotel environment, even though it wasn't an issue before the Coronavirus. We employ UV sanitisers at Club Mahindra Resorts, which use direct UV radiation to eliminate germs and bacteria. When it comes to employing UV light to combat the Coronavirus, it destroys the virus's outer protein coating, rendering the virus ineffective.

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Availability of Hand Sanitisers at Different Points Within the Resort Limits:

Nothing beats good old-fashioned hand washing when preventing the transmission of infectious diseases like COVID-19. If you don't have access to water and soap, then the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends using an alcohol-based hand sanitiser that contains at least 60% alcohol. At Club Mahindra Resorts, hand sanitisers are offered at several locations throughout the resort, allowing guests to clean their hands on the go to help avoid the transmission of germs. Hand sanitisers containing alcohol can help keep you safe and prevent the spread of the new Coronavirus. Simply wipe the hand sanitiser all over your hands and make sure to blend it on the backs of your hands.

Use of Hospital-grade Disinfectants for Rooms:

While there is no need to be a germaphobe and wash down everything, it is a good idea to make sure that high-touch areas in a hotel room are adequately cleaned. Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, Club Mahindra Resorts has had to reconsider and raise the cleanliness bar. To address known diseases, we have deployed hospital-grade disinfectants to sanitise surfaces. Hospital-grade disinfectants kill germs and sterilise surfaces where bacteria thrive, ensuring a safe and healthy environment.

Safe Dining Experience:

You get access to our top restaurants while staying at any Club Mahindra Resorts. The team ensures that all protocols are followed, so there is no need to be concerned about hygiene and sanitisation methods. Before you take a seat at one of our tables, you will need to put on your face masks and sanitise your hands. The cutlery has all been UV sanitised. Apart from the food safety and sanitised utensils, there is a 6-foot gap between the tables. You can order breakfast, lunch or dinner from Gourmet Express and expect Contactless Delivery if you want to dine in your hotel. We have also eliminated our buffet option, allowing you to dine à la carte. Customers can opt for a mobile-based ordering method. One can browse the menu, order and pay without downloading a specific smartphone app with web-based mobile ordering. While the dining experience has evolved, the food quality and the magic it encapsulates have not. You will be able to enjoy the same delectable and authentic flavours as before COVID, but with some added food safety precautions.

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Contactless Check-in or Check-out Through the Club Mahindra App:

We have integrated technology into our procedures to ensure a hassle-free Club Mahindra Resort experience. Instead of bringing your documents and ID to the front desk to check-in or check-out, all you need is the Club Mahindra app and your smartphone. You have until 5 days before your vacation with us to upload your photo ID and any required documents to the app. When it's time to check-out, you may settle all of your bills with us by paying through digital channels — no mess, no stress, no unwanted contact!

Equipped Staff:

You may rest assured that our staff will do all possible to ensure that your vacation is as lovely as possible. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has been provided to our employees to ensure their safety. Every employee who enters the resort is also subjected to a thermal scan.

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As you can see, we go to great lengths to ensure that your stay is safe, healthy and spectacular with our updated safety measures. The holidays are back, so come to Club Mahindra Resorts to recreate beautiful moments once more.

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