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It is said that the best day of your life is probably the day you got married. But most people are wrong on this count – the best days are those that follow the wedding. The honeymoon is a magical time for you and your partner. It sets the tone for the rest of your lives. A magical honeymoon in a dream destination gives the two of you time to explore each other, understand how living together suits you, what each other’s habits and routines are, etc.

So it naturally follows that you must plan your honeymoon meticulously so that it is as close to perfect as possible. This starts with picking a destination that both of you will like. It is always better to go with a destination that neither of you have visited before – this makes exploring the place together even more fun.

May we suggest Hampi as a possible honeymoon destination for you? It is a superb place that invites all day exploratory tours, most of them on foot. You and your partner can visit all the places to visit in Hampi and marvel at the ancient city. Plus, you can come back with some excellent photographs of your trip. If creating a lifetime of memories is important for you, then a trip to Hampi is a must.

This article covers some important aspects, such as the best time to visit Hampi, if Hampi is safe for couples, some places of interest, etc. Read on to know more before you book your Hampi holiday.

A little about Hampi to get you acquainted…

Hampi is located in Hospete district, in the Southern State of Karnataka. At first glance, Hampi just seems to be full of ruins and temples. But therein lies the tale – the ruins that you see today were part of a grand city dating back to the 14th century. By all historian and archaeological accounts, Hampi was a centre for wealth, arts and commerce. Historians also surmise that Hampi may have been at the forefront of arts and education.

There are some accounts by European and Middle Eastern historians, that their countrymen may even have visited Hampi as part of exploratory voyages. However, any definite recorded history of the region is seen only after the arrival of the Portuguese, who ruled over the city for a long time. However, they took care to retain the architectural and cultural character of the city. Thus, the ruins of Hampi stand in reasonably good condition today, indicating the presence of markets, trading spaces, residences and even bazaars of yore.

Hampi may have fallen to ruin after the exit of the Portuguese who ceded rule to the powerful Vijayanagara Empire, which in turn fell to the Mughals. Many parts of the city were plundered during these invasions. The city never rose from the ruins, and what you see today is the result of these marauders laying into the once glorious city.

The UNESCO has identified these Hampi ruins as a World Heritage Site. No drilling or digging or reconstruction is allowed at the ruins.

The Best Time To Visit Hampi

Hampi is one of the few places in India that can be visited all year round with the same outcome: you get all your sightseeing done, come rain or shine. But you may not share this sunny outlook when the weather suddenly turns, or the blue sky becomes overcast and it starts raining. So even if it initially appears that the best time to visit Hampi is any time of the year, this might not strictly be true. Here’s why:

* Visiting Hampi in the summer: The summer season is unbearably hot during the months of April to May every year in Hampi. Hot and arid winds start flowing through the region right from the month of March. This period officially marks the beginning of summer, and like the rest of Karnataka, Hampi can be quite sweltering in this season. Though you can wear sunscreen lotion, a large hat and protective clothing to visit Hampi, you are still vulnerable to the hot and dry wind and the blazing sunshine. This is ideally not the best time to visit Hampi, but it is a good time if you want less numbers of tourists and lower tariffs across hotels and resorts. This is not considered the tourist time here, so bookings for flights and accommodation should be quick and cheap.

* Visiting Hampi in the monsoon season: The monsoon season provides a big respite from the summer heat. However, take care to stay on firm ground (however squishy) instead of walking over the ruins and the rounded boulders – remember, the ruins largely comprise stone which gathers moss during the monsoon. Walking over moss can never end well, and you are likely to slip on the wet rocks and injure yourself. Basically, this is not the best time to visit Hampi because it means that you cannot traverse most of the ruins. But the good news is that the temperature is pleasant and Hampi becomes blanketed in new green cover – this automatically makes it the best time to visit Hampi for honeymooning couples. If you are willing to brave the elements and be safe from the monsoon, then this is the best time to visit Hampi. You will find plenty of seclusion and romance in the air – a perfect recipe for a great honeymoon.

* Visiting Hampi in the winter season: But if you want to have the right balance between great weather and plenty of sightseeing opportunities, then the best time to visit Hampi is the winter season. The air is fresh and crisp, the temperature is pleasant during the day time, and you can travel everywhere all day. This season is also great for planning camping tours. The winter in Hampi is seen from the months of October to February. The sky is a clear blue without a hint of mist or fog, and you will enjoy your time in this city with your significant other.

Is Hampi Safe To Visit?

Hampi is largely safe to visit, even by solo women travellers or groups of students. Even couples feel quite safe here. The local residents are a decent, non-interfering sort, so you will not be accosted anywhere or made to feel uncomfortable.

However, it helps to maintain decorum and respect local traditions when visiting the temples here. Take care to be dressed appropriately, covering your knees and shoulders when going to the temples. Short dresses, skimpy shorts and tank tops are frowned upon inside temples, though you may not be asked to leave outright. But do respect local sentiments in this case, even when visiting the ruins.

Be careful about still being at the ruins after dark. Though the crime rate in Hampi is quite low, the odd mischief monger might take it upon themselves to mug or rob unsuspecting tourists. Some antisocial elements also use the ruins to smoke or indulge in drugs – this is another good reason to stay away from the ruins after dark. In fact, you can ask your Hampi resort to book you a car for your use when you are out sightseeing. The car can take you back to the resort safely even when it gets dark after the day’s tours.

Other standard precautions to take is to not take drinks or food offered by somebody trying to get too close or prying for information, and not keeping too much cash in your pockets or backpack. Foreign visitors should take care to keep passport copies in their bag and avoid carrying their original passports in their wallets.

Where to Stay In Hampi

Your Hampi itinerary is now more or less sorted out, and all that remains is to book your resort. Now that you have got an idea of the best time to visit Hampi and what to see there, it is time to book your Hampi resort. Picking a resort will enrich your holiday, instead of a cheaper homestay or home rental where you are expected to provide for yourself. Also, you must have the best and safest resort at your disposal since you are going on your honeymoon – not for you the uncertainty of a rental home or a cheap homestay!

We recommend staying at the Club Mahindra Vijayashree Resort and Heritage Village at Hampi. True to the purity and spirit of Hampi, the resort is designed along the ancient Ayurvedic ‘panch bhuta’ philosophy, which insists on simple and sattvic living. Accordingly, the resort offers pure vegetarian meals in one of the best restaurants in Hampi, and does not serve alcohol. You are also not allowed to smoke on the premises. But this hardly matters – you are on your honeymoon, so you will love the unusual dimension that this resort adds to your holiday. You will be left particularly enchanted by how the theme of sattvic life is taken forward in the cosy rooms and warm hospitality. You will love the 20 acres of sprawling property offering peace, greenery and serenity outside the city chaos. If it’s your honeymoon, trust Club Mahindra for a comfortable and memorable stay!

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