Since time immemorial, women have been considered the nurturing gender

Since time immemorial, women have been considered the nurturing gender. We are taught to protect and care for the people around us, without expecting anything in return. It’s a pattern that has been followed for centuries – from our great grandmothers to our mothers and now, us. We tend to feel accountable for the needs of the whole family. Every day, we run the household like clockwork – look after the home, take care of children, and cope with any calamity that might arise – all without batting an eyelid. Yes, we do it all! Even in our places of work, we lend a helping hand, offer advice and sometimes go out of our way for our colleagues. It’s just how we’re built. But while constantly caring for others we often forget to look after our own needs and wants. It’s time to change this approach. It’s time for some self-care. It’s time for a break. This International Women’s Day (8 March), let’s resolve to put ourselves ahead, even if just for a little while. Remember, there’s no harm in a little self-indulgence.

Bask in some R&R

Everyone’s idea of self-care varies. But nothing beats the rest and relaxation you experience when going on a vacation.

Travelling makes you feel alive. It also increases mental wellbeing, boosts self-confidence, breaks daily routine, gives you the chance to experience new things, helps create new memories and, most of all, helps build a better you. These reasons are more than enough to escape the daily drudgery and seize the chance to enjoy sipping on a tall, ice-cool drink somewhere on a beautiful sunny beach.

Speaking of travelling, try to make the most of this Women’s Day and take a couple of days off. Break free from the hustle and bustle of the routine life; put your feet up and unwind. How about a getaway to sun-kissed beaches, or silvery snowy peaks, or lush jungle greenery? Club Mahindra has it all. 

Dinner at Restaurant Club Mahindra Resort

Whether you want to just kick back and relax on a hammock or partake in some adventure sports to get your blood pumping, do it now. Treat yourself to that much needed vacation in the lap of luxury at a Club Mahindra resort. Pick one that piques your interest, from over 50 destinations all over India. We assure you that each resort is unique and offers a one-of-a-kind experience to guests.

Why choose a Club Mahindra holiday?


Beautiful vacation Adventure ride

A Club Mahindra resort is the perfect destination for women travellers, as it meets their every need. The ambience is perfect for some much-needed holiday indulging. Day or night, you’re free to do what pleases you – whether it’s treating yourself to delicious food, pampering yourself at a luxurious spa, enjoying exclusive activities, or just sitting back and enjoying the stunning panoramic views.

Club Mahindra resorts across India provide all these special offerings, in their own unique ways. There is nothing run-of-the-mill here; it’s all exotic and alluring. And this is exactly what makes the chain stand out.

Once you experience the facilities at Club Mahindra, you’re sure to be back for another break – sooner than later!

Make it all about ‘you’

This Women’s Day should be about you. Make this your time to let loose and enjoy; recharge and feel refreshed. On your return, you will feel rested and energised, and ready to take up all those personal and professional responsibilities again. All in all, it’s great for everyone!

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