World Family Day 2023

Family. Our people. The ones who will always have our back no matter where we are.

But are we able to find the time to know our family and go on a family vacation? In today’s fast paced world, we are bombarded with information from every corner and keeping up with it takes a toll on our health, physically and mentally. And we end up forgetting ourselves in this whirl of information.

You know you want to find out what your children have been up to or how your partner spent their day. You wonder how your parents are doing but are at a loss as to how to find ways to bond with each other.

Relax! Take a breath. Club Mahindra resorts have found these 5 unique ways to celebrate World Family Day that can go a long way in #BringingYouCloser to your loved ones.

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1. Trace your family roots

Do you know your own history? Who were your ancestors? Where did they come from and what did they do? Finding the answers to these questions will give you a great chance to spend quality family time. Sit together and chart a family tree. You don’t know what you will end up learning. Ask your grandparents what they know. Maybe you had a great-great-grand mother who married a royal prince. Or that somebody in your extended family worked with our freedom fighters for the independence of our country. Maybe a famous Bollywood star is your mother’s cousin’s nephew’s son! Find your hero, or your inspiration or the quirky relative from among your own people. Your family will, no doubt, have its own share of characters!

2. Fold together to unfold magical memories.

Use an activity to connect with your children. It can be as simple as doing origami together - there are some great ideas in the Times of India dated 15/05/19 that can show you how to create magical memories with paper. Who knows, you may discover talents you never knew you had! And you could win fabulous prizes. Spend your family vacation with kids and see how happy they are to be with you!

3. Talk, talk, talk

What were your parents, or even your grandparents like when they were your age? How did they manage to keep in touch with their huge families in the days without mobile phones and social media? How did they keep themselves entertained? Your predecessors have had equally interesting lives; talk to them to discover their joys and celebrations, their adventures, trials and tribulations. Delving into their history will help you find quaint, interesting nuggets of information which can also be turned into engaging bedtime stories for children. It’ll help them understand how family times have changed.

4. Create a family Whatsapp Challenge

Here’s how you can put your family whatsapp group to good use instead of being bombarded with “Good morning messages”. You could ask your family to sing 3 lines of their favourite song into the microphone. Everyone has one and hearing them sing it – however soulful or silly – is enough to brighten up the day. Such a family vacation is a must where you can double the joy of people around you.

5. Plan a family vacation

What can be a better way to spend quality time with your near and dear ones than going on a family vacation? Use this summer to plan your family vacation. Ask your spouse and your children where they would like to go. And if you’re at a loss for suggestions, Club Mahindra is always there to guide you with over 50 resorts in exotic local and international locations. In fact, you could turn this decision-making into a game by drawing lots or turning the most desired places into a fun quiz. In exploring new places together, you could explore your own equation with your family. And if finding the family time for a long vacation is not possible, a short weekend getaway will do too.

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So, make a pledge to yourself that you will take a family vacation once every year. Once you experience Club Mahindra, that promise will be easy to keep.

These are just some of the ways that you can reconnect with your family again. If you take some time off your busy schedule, you’re sure to come up with some more interesting ideas of your own and spend quality family time.

This World Family Day, come together, laugh together, bond together.

Club Mahindra

Bringing you closer

We’d like you to share your innovative ideas with us and tag @ClubMahindra with #BringingYouCloser this World Family Day.

Tell us how you made your World Family Day special in the comments below.

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