There’s a reason why Club Mahindra is India’s favourite resort chain.

We take great pride in building one-of-a-kind holiday experiences.

And a very big part of that is cultivating a good relationship with nature!

In light of this year’s World Habitat Day theme – “accelerating urban action for a carbon-free world” – we have listed some actions you can take as a family, to build a more intimate connect with the planet!


Saving energy reduces air and water pollution and also conserves natural resources, which in turn helps create a healthier living environment for all. Bear in mind, there are several things you can do to help curb your energy usage and keep those bills down. For one, switching to energy-efficient devices - LEDs - that produce the most light using the least amount of electricity, is a good option. Secondly, energy-saving fans versus air conditioners ensure optimum ventilation and minimal wastage. Also remember to switch off plugs that are not in use. Additionally, energy sucking gadgets like dishwashers and dryers can be avoided at all costs. Club Mahindra reminds you to explore cost-effective, renewable sources of energy for the home.


Water is the source of all life. And every drop we shelter contributes to the well-being of the planet. Water management practices impact energy demand, thereby decreasing carbon emissions. Here’s what you can do to help this cause. The simplest action is to shut taps tightly after use. Make sure to get leaky taps fixed and if the leak persists, keep a container underneath it and repurpose the water in some way. You may even fix water adaptors to the taps in order to enjoy an efficient flow. Club Mahindra also recommends reducing the duration of showers and switching the flow off when lathering. Also, do your laundry only when the washing machine load gets full; don’t overload as that utilises more energy.

Saving energy Save Water


Peek into the ‘basket’ and you’ll find that fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts have a much lower carbon footprint than other food groups. To make your eating habits greener and cleaner, do consider the following options. Club Mahindra encourages a little gardening. Grow your own organic food! While it might seem daunting to begin with, it’s actually very relaxing and let’s face it – fun. Plus, you get a free supply of vegetables and herbs. For those who don’t have the option to garden, try and source your groceries from local vendors. Farmers markets sell fresh, high-quality produce. Next on the menu is to segregate kitchen waste and invest in a compost kit to utilise this waste.


Did you know, transportation is one of the largest sources of carbon emissions? As such, switching to a sustainable transportation plan can save you money, improve your health, and even, reduce your environmental footprint! Here are a few conscious choices to make. Walk wherever possible. Walking helps to reduce body fat, lower blood pressure, and is 100% free. Next, consider car-pooling. Car-pooling is a wonderful way to share the cost of fuel and parking, and to break the monotony of a daily commute. We also advice the use of green driving techniques such as servicing the car regularly, checking for tyre pressure, driving at a slow and steady pace, and rolling down the windows instead of switching on the air conditioner. Suffice to say, transportation is also a very real and accessible option to every Indian citizen.

organic food Sustainable Transportation Plan


4% of the world’s total greenhouse gases can be attributed to the fashion industry. That’s right. The brands you support and the fabrics you endorse have a direct impact on the environment. And one sure fire way to reduce your fashion carbon footprint is to support companies with a circular or zero-waste ideology. This means that they take measures to reduce waste throughout the supply chain. Another way to be a green consumer is to buy from local producers, thereby shortening the distance your clothing has to travel and avoiding unnecessary carbon emissions. Apart from shopping local, Club Mahindra implores you to explore thrift stores, to prevent cloth from being dumped into landfills. 

Club Mahindra has already established this early on in the blog, but the journey to a reduced carbon footprint, most often, begins at home!

Every element either adds or subtracts to your Sustainability Quotient.

Furniture. Appliances. Utensils. Food. Clothing. Décor. Living plan. Ventilation.

How do you create a healthy, safe space where you and your family can thrive?

Well, apart from the above tactics, you add a few more tips into your kitty.

From arranging your furniture to let the maximum amount of light pass through, to keeping the windows wide open for fresh air, to sprucing the space with natural elements like plants, greenify your home!


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